Join Rosalind Wiseman, Charlie Kuhn and Laurie Tasharski for a 3-day workshop to rethink, reimagine, and retool how we support our students to be safe, different, and better because of their experience in the international school community.

Read the latest edition of our academic journal, InterEd, featuring a profile of NuVu Studio, winners of the 2018 AAIE Innovative Leadership Award.

To lead into the future with vision, wisdom, courage and integrity

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A Truly Global School: A Modern Learners Discussion with Tim Carr

At Jakarta Intercultural School, Tim Carr turned a successful traditional school into an even more successful progressive school. In this podcast, Carr, now Co-Head of Avenues: The World School's online campus, discusses how to bring this transformative change as well as the ambition of sharing a common experience of school across continents.

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