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Five Ideas For The Future

Inspired Leadership

Want to Leave a Legacy? Be a Mentor

In a brilliant article in the New York Times, Jane E. Brody discusses how to make a positive impact that would keep you alive in the memories and lives of others.

Read the article in its entirety HERE.

New Finnish-American School Model Introduced

International Schools Services (ISS) and Lumo Education Ltd. (Lumo) signed a formal collaboration agreement to co-develop new schools on behalf of clients, using a blended Finnish-American model within an international framework to serve the K–12 community. The organizations report that early interest in this new model from several areas around the world served as a major catalyst for this design. 

The article in its entirety, written by Dick Moore of ISS, is available HERE.

Learning By Design

Four Tips for a Successful Virtual Learning Initiative - Karl Steinkamp, Dalat International School

For those who are considering leveraging online learning to enhance your school’s curriculum and offerings, here are four tips to setting up a successful online learning component. Those who make an investment in online learning will see positive returns for the school and for students.

Leadership Development: The Missing Piece in the Global Effort to Improve Education

Today, we face formidable challenges in achieving the global community’s bold new sustainable development goal to achieve inclusive and equitable education for all. Around the world, 250 million children still lack basic literacy and numeracy skills, while gender parity is only rarely achieved beyond primary school.

Read more to see what Wendy Kopp, CEO and Co-Founder of Teach For All and Founder of Teach For America, proposes.

Technology and Innovation for Learning

Don't Teach Your Kids to Code. Teach Them to Communicate.

The jobs of the future don’t exist yet — but we know they’ll require some serious social skills.

Greg Satell dives deep.

5 Tips for Adding Online Courses to Your School's Academic Offerings

These discoveries are based on more than twenty years of experience collaborating with schools throughout their investigation, planning, and implementation of online and blended learning alternatives. Here are five tips your school can use to create an online learning program that exceeds your expectations.

Designing accessible education technology can be costly, but demand is on the rise. 

Tara Garcia Mathewson delves into the issue for the Hechinger Report. 

Personalized Learning

8 Reasons Teachers Should Try Online Instruction

Sue Ekimoglou of New Jersey's Gloucester High School explains why teaching Advanced Placement math courses online improved her practice and taught students to take more control of their learning. 

View the article HERE.

Why We Need to Promote Entrepreneurship in Young Girls

Existing programs that promote and support women's entrepreneurship help address the inequality that currently exists, but they don't reach women early enough.

Click here to read Stanford Social Innovation Review's article on the subject.

Social-Emotional Learning

How Algebra Ruins Lives

80 percent of high school dropouts cited their inability to pass Algebra I as the primary reason for leaving school.

Anastasia Basil explains.

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New Research into Well-being of Students and Staff in International Schools

This summer, over 1,000 international school teachers and leaders completed the first ever international school wellbeing research. The survey, which included quantitative and qualitative questions plus some interviews, asked respondents about their own wellbeing as a professional working in an international school, and the wellbeing of their students.

The research was conducted by a partnership between International Educational Psychology Services (IEPS) and Cardiff University School of Psychology, supported by ISC Research. It engaged teachers and leaders from international schools in 70 countries, representing every region of the world. READ MORE to see the results.

Leading With Success

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