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Five Ideas For The Future

Inspired Leadership


You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Be a Great Leader - By Abby Wambach

"Perfection is not a prerequisite of leadership. But we can forgive ourselves for believing it is." An inspirational piece on women and leadership excerpted from the former U.S. soccer star's new book, Wolfpack: How to Come Together, Release Our Power and Change the Game.

Hayao Miyazaki to Build Nature Sanctuary for Children on Remote Japanese Island - By Patrick Brzeski

The animation legend, whose work is filled with wonder and appreciation for the natural world, is spending $2.5 million of his own money on the project.

How to Prevent Arrogance from Knocking You OutBy Gustavo Razzetti

We admire successful people because they always win no matter what. Even if they bash their competitors in the process. When the arrogant wins — no one seems to cares about what they leave behind in the dust.

The Best Leaders Know Who They're Really Serving

Excerpted from Chief Joy Officer: How Great Leaders Elevate Human Energy and Eliminate Fear by Richard Sheridan.


Learning By Design


Understanding “New Power” - By Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms

A beautifully written summary of the concepts of 'New Power'– and the metaphors about how old power is like “currency”, hoarded by a few.  Where new power is the equivalent of “current,” or it is open, shared, and the most powerful when surging and when channeled.

Want a Happier, More Fulfilling Life? 75-year Harvard Study Says Focus on This 1 Thing - By Patrick Ewers

A quick Google search for “secret to happiness” brings up over 7,500,000 results. That’s a lot of people writing about and searching for something that, according to a groundbreaking Harvard study, has already been found.

The Dictatorship That is School - By Samantha Ryker

The top-down structure of school limits the success of everyone involved. We can do better.

Most Teachers Don't Teach Climate Change; 4 In 5 Parents Wish They Did - By Anya Kamenetz

More than 80% of parents in the U.S. support the teaching of climate change. And that support crosses political divides, according to the results of an exclusive new NPR/Ipsos poll: Whether they have children or not, two-thirds of Republicans and 9 in 10 Democrats agree that the subject needs to be taught in school.

Technology and Innovation for Learning


A Truly Global School: A Modern Learners Discussion with Tim Carr

At Jakarta Intercultural School, Tim Carr turned a successful traditional school into an even more successful progressive school. In this podcast, Carr, now Co-Head of Avenues: The World School's online campus, discusses how to bring this transformative change as well as the ambition of sharing a common experience of school across continents.

How Do We Make the World Better Than We Found It? By Lyn Hilt

This is a question that has been raised in a number of our community conversations. It’s posted on classroom and school walls to inspire and promote a reason for learning that’s something grander than ourselves. If we truly and honestly believe that the goal of an education is to help students do just that, where do we start?

On Schools and Cell PhonesBy Tim Cavey

Mobile devices represent a growing and complex challenge for schools. What's the right approach?

Online Program Brings Power of Immersive Space Simulations to STEM Learning - By Jane Gallagher

Online learning has increasingly become a viable option for schools and districts to provide their students with improved access to a greater number of the courses they need. 

Personalized Learning


How Differentiation Became a Dirty Word to Teachers By Samantha Ryker

Differentiation has been relegated to yet another buzzword in educational circles.

Why Men Like Joe Biden Find it So Difficult to ApologizeBy Art Markman

If you have created a bad situation with your actions, then your intentions don’t matter much. You made a mess and you have to clean it up.

Why Helicopter Parents Have Got it Wrong - By Bebe Nicholson

When the bar is set high for behavior and academic achievement, students rise to meet those expectations. Real achievement results in a sense of self-worth that no amount of parental hovering can accomplish.

What Kids Need to Learn to Succeed in 2050 - By Yuval Noah Harari

Yuval Noah Harari is an historian and best-selling author of Sapiens, Homo Deus and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. In this article, he discusses how the art of reinvention will be the most critical skill of this century.

Social-Emotional Learning


WEBINAR: Creating a Culture of Dignity in Your School with Charlie Kuhn

Cultures of Dignity’s co-founder, Charlie Kuhn, hosted a webinar with Crisis Go on how to create a culture of dignity in your school.

Charlie will be at the AAIE Summer Workshop in Princeton, NJ June 19-21, 2019.

A Decision Making Checklist That Works With Your Emotions, Not Against Them By Liz Fosslien

A step-by-step guide to making the best decision possible.

SEL Implementation Strategies - By Eric Kalenze

The third part of Eric Kalenze's (Search Institute) SEL Implementation Strategies series looks at measuring & setting practice priorities.

The Frosch International Travel Monthly Magazine for May 2019. Check this space each month for the latest issue. 


Leading With Success

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