Atlanta International School was 1 of 2 recipients of the 2020 Dr. Keith Miller International Innovative Leadership Award. Jacinta Williams accepted the award on behalf of AIS for its commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Conference photos are up! Take a look at our flipbooks, separated by each day at the conference.

On behalf of the AAIE Board of Trustees, congratulations to Dr. Andy Page-Smith, Director of the American International School of Johannesburg, who has been named AAIE's 2020 Superintendent of the Year. Read More

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The United States Department of State was 1 of 2 winners of 2020's Dr. Keith Miller International Innovative Leadership Award in recognition of its Overseas Schools Security Grant Program.

The recipients of this year's annual prestigious award represent 5 different regional associations. 

February 24, 2020

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To lead into the future with vision, wisdom, courage and integrity

Five Ideas For The Future

Inspired Leadership


We’re thrilled to announce the inaugural set of AAIE Leadership Masterminds for 2020. In this first round, we’re opening up three cohorts of 10-12 international school leaders who will meet via Zoom once a month (and via Slack in the interim) to engage in the critical conversations you need to be having to figure out the next steps into the future of your school.

These cohorts will be guided by Homa Tavangar and Will Richardson, two internationally respected speakers and coaches, who are both well versed in the complexities of the moment and the conversations required to deal with them. 

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Led by David Chojnacki and Rick Detwiler, join fellow Heads of School/Board Chairs for this practical, hands-on training.

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Learning By Design


"Culture is deeply entrenched, and changing it is like shifting the course of a river. If we want to truly change the river of culture, we need dynamite and dams —drastic measures reserved for an organization in existential crisis." Tricia Emerson on how to change a toxic company culture.

"Students have to be given the ability to use their innate intelligence and ability to reason and understand. This lends itself to the ability to attain knowledge and is crucial to academic and social success," intones Keith Davis of NASSP in his article on Emancipatory Education, "Guiding Students to be Critical Thinkers and Masters of Their Own Education."

Tether, Task and Timeline: Think and Lead Like an Astronaut. Three practical lessons about project management learned from astronaut Scott Kelly's career in outer space.

In honor of U.S. National STEM Day, here's a great article from NASSP about how your school can better engage female students in STEM.


Technology and Innovation for Learning


March 1-31, 2020: AISH Online Course on Building Strong Leadership Teams hosted by ISS President Liz Duffy

The composition, behavior, and performance of your senior leadership team affect the performance of the school. Liz Duffy provides strategies to optimize the performance of arguably your most essential team by applying research and experimenting with tools and protocols for collaboration and team building, diversity, leadership and decision-making.  

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Social-Emotional Learning/Child Protection


Join Cultures of Dignity for an interactive training that challenges school leaders to rethink how we articulate and act on a principles-based practice. Principles are a way of articulating values into behaviors; especially in moments of conflict. This is not work that stays in the a conceptual realm; it is the foundation for everything a school does from academic expectations, social and emotional learning programs, integration of student voice, to disciplinary decisions. 

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Leading With Success

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Regional News

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