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July 18, 2019

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To lead into the future with vision, wisdom, courage and integrity

Five Ideas For The Future

Inspired Leadership


What's the Hurry? What I've Come to Believe About Change - By Gregory Hedger

Director of The International School Yangon and AAIE Board Member Gregory Hedger talks about how "change is hard work, but it is necessary work." Greg is an AAIE featured blogger and can be found below on AAIE's homepage. 

3 Body Language Mistakes Leaders Make - By LeAnne Lagasse

How to send nonverbal messages that build trust and connection.

How Do Good Leaders Give Advice? The Short Answer: They Don't - By Lenora Houseworth-Weston

Instead of having an answer to every question, the most effective leaders are coaches - people who can guide others to arrive at their own solutions, put them into action, and set goals, says reacher and management consultant Julia Milner.

The Best Leaders Know Who They're Really Serving - By Richard Sheridan

Excerpted from Sheridan's book, Chief Joy Officer: How Great Leaders Elevate Human Energy and Eliminate Fear.

Learning By Design


Questioning Techniques - By Michael De Main

How to question students with 5 great techniques.

Get Out of the Cave! Public Education and Shaping Reality: Plato's Allegory of the Cave! - By Wendy Buchholz

An interesting analysis of modern public education using Plato's Allegory of the Cave as an analogy. "The questions that need to be asked are not relevant to data or test scores, but rather what and how are we teaching the next generation of learners?"

School Advancement as Conversation and the Threat of Organizational Dementia - By David Willows

The latest entry from one of AAIE's featured bloggers, David Willows provides a great insight into an important topic.

Understanding “New Power” - By Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms

A beautifully written summary of the concepts of 'New Power'– and the metaphors about how old power is like “currency”, hoarded by a few.  Where new power is the equivalent of “current,” or it is open, shared, and the most powerful when surging and when channeled.

Technology and Innovation for Learning


Computers in the Classroom May Do More Harm Than Good--If They're Overused - By Tom Jacobs

New research finds that computers are most effective as teaching tools when used sparingly, and to teach kids at certain ages specific subjects.

GOA's Summer Playlist 2019: 20 Resources for Reflection and Inspiration - By The GOA Staff

2019 Summer Playlist for educators offers 20 resources to read, watch, and listen to.

What Should My School Blog About? - By Mia Major

Blogs are an important medium for your school, but knowing just what to blog about isn't always a simple task. Mia Major from Finalsite offers some ideas. 

A Truly Global School: A Modern Learners Discussion with Tim Carr

At Jakarta Intercultural School, Tim Carr turned a successful traditional school into an even more successful progressive school. In this podcast, Carr, now Co-Head of Avenues: The World School's online campus, discusses how to bring this transformative change as well as the ambition of sharing a common experience of school across continents.

Leading With Success

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Regional News

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