AAIE Publications

AAIE and our international membership have a long history of publishing research-based and practical resource texts on a variety of international education and leadership topics.

We are proud to offer you access as a member to our bi-annual flagship international education research publication InterED. Please explore this page to find the latest digital edition as well as archived publications from years past. Thanks to our Editor and AAIE Board Member Dr. Beverly Shaklee of George Mason University, InterED continues to provide interesting and applicable resources and research to guide your international leadership work.

A special Member Authors page that highlights the contributions to both international educational practice, leadership and general literature from our many members is a new additional resource that we are excited to bring you! This is just the start of a growing collection. You are encouraged to submit titles and authors not listed to media@aaie.org to help grow this collection of internationally created content.

Please take a few minutes to peruse the latest digital publications or order a good old-fashioned paperback from the link provided to enhance your professional or leisure reading time. You will hopefully find a great read that you can then pass along to another international colleague.

Thank you to the many AAIE members who have and continue to enrich this body of work that highlights the best that international education and our leadership community have to offer!