chapter 1


Leading on Principle

A Collective Commitment

As learning leaders, we are living through a time of unique challenge and opportunity. Things are changing around us in ways we have not seen before. Former notions of schooling and learning are falling away. A new awareness is emerging. We are beginning to see ways to forge a different kind of relationship between learners and learning, parents and teachers, school, and their communities.

As leaders we can be swept along by these complex changes, even swept away by them. Or we can choose to lead, embrace new patterns of possibility, and seize the momentum of a momentous time to build new cultures of learning.

As we map out our new schools and support each other in making our vision a reality, we see the value of broad, shared principles over narrow, imposed rules. After an evolving, rich, and unique conversation together, we are now ready to make a collective commitment to these seven principles:

  • Adaptive Change
  • Capacity
  • Community
  • Equity
  • Evidence
  • Learning
  • Well-Being

Kili Lay - American School of The Hague



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