Leading from the Middle


from NoTosh, in partnership with AAIE


It is impossible to be agile enough for the current climate without quality leaders throughout the system. Leading from the Middle is a live, intensive programme that builds personal, team and organizational strength, quickly.

Cohorts run each year and AAIE members receive a 33% discount. For five or more participants from one school, an additional 7% discount is offered.

You gain access to live, interactive video sessions with Ewan McIntosh and experts from across NoTosh’s team, and lifetime access to a beautiful online platform with downloadable notes, frameworks and presentations. 

The focus of each live video session will add value to the leadership development of those who aspire to middle leadership positions. And it’s ideal for further growth of senior leaders in principalship, directors of teaching and learning, advancement specialists and technology leaders.

AAIE members are at the intersection of student learning, parent expectations and governance oversight. Leading from the Middle will fine-tune existing skills, and increase capacity across your team. It'll give you more bandwidth to remain responsive to these unrelenting and uncertain times.

Learning and confirming new leadership skills will keep you and your fellow leaders out front, making decisions with and for students, their families, and the reputation of your school.

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When it takes place?

Leading from the Middle will run again in 2023. Save your spot now for free, with no obligation.

Why does the programme run for three sprints?

Normally professional learning for middle leaders takes place in one go at the start of the year or a few workshops. We work through intensive SPRINTS. Each one starts with a burst: one hour a day for five days. We then give you 4-5 weeks to take what you've learned and put it into action, through your own project in school. 

After each intensive SPRINT, you choose the areas you're going to develop in practice right at that moment. You'll become an expert in some areas - your cohort teammates will become experts in others. 

Can a whole team of middle leaders do this?

Yes! You could take this course on your own, and feed back into your team. But it's more efficient, and more powerful, for teams to attend together.

If you're a senior leader responsible for the development of middle leadership, we can create a course with you, bringing your school's mission, values, vision and strategy into the course. And we can do it at the perfect time for your team. 

How will I make time for this? 

“I don’t have the time to set aside an hour a day to think about this.” If you don’t feel you have the time, then you and your team definitely need to take out this time. The long-term sustainability in schools needs strong leadership from the middle.

We've built this in three sprints, intensive five-day bursts with plenty of time to put ideas into action on the ground in between. As part of this course, we’ll help you work out how to clear the decks and carve out the creative “white space” with your team that you need to do good work.

We'll also help senior leaders in the school connect with what their middle leadership are doing.