Strategy Lab

NAIS and AAIE: Strategy Lab 

NAIS Strategy Lab Protocol in International Schools in Collaboration with AAIE 

We’d like to extend an invitation for you and your senior leadership team to take part in an important new opportunity offered by the Strategy Lab team at The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) in collaboration with the Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE)

During the past two years NAIS has collaborated with over 80 stateside independent schools to develop a team-based innovation design and implementation process that helps schools address challenges and seize upon opportunities.  

The process is grounded in design thinking principles and inspired by the Jobs To Be Done methodology developed by Clayton Christensen at Harvard Business School. The Strategy Lab - International Edition is designed specifically for international schools. The team has worked with AAIE to ensure that the program is highly relevant and applicable for the unique challenges facing international schools today.  

NAIS and AAIE are recommending you, your leadership team and school for this experience given your strong leadership capacity and culture of innovation. We would be honored if you and a team from your school would join the Strategy Lab for an interactive engagement focused on a practical innovation process during this unprecedented time of change. We believe that the Strategy Lab approach is timely to the dilemmas we face as international school leaders. The processes used create a more agile approach to innovation in tandem with the everyday challenges of safety and crisis leadership.  Our premise is that in the midst of crisis and uncertainty, Strategy lab thinking is essential.  

What does the Strategy Lab cover?
The Strategy Lab experience starts with AAIE’s Leading on Principle collaborative guidance and Scenario Planning strategies to find a challenge or opportunity to feed into the innovation design process. It covers the Jobs To Be Done methodology which enables what we call “demand-side innovation” to ensure the insights that you turn into action also resonate in your market. 

After covering these foundational concepts, the workshop then introduces various frameworks and tools to promote rapid prototyping with a strong bias toward action and commitment to equity. The frameworks and tools also serve as a roadmap for organizational change and a catalyst for communication with your board and leadership team.

Along with the four workshop meetings, participating school teams will also receive individual coaching support from our team, a PDF copy of our Innovation Workbook, and access to our professional development video collection. For more information on the NAIS Strategy Lab and the Jobs to be Done process watch the short video below.

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Program Leaders

Tim Fish, Mark Mitchell, Jackie Wolking, and Claire Wescott
The NAIS Strategy Lab Team

Laura Light, AAIE Executive Director


WHO should attend

We want you and your school leaders to literally prototype this concept of a change leadership process for our international schools. We need your experience and experiences to super-charge these thought-provoking, fast-paced and productive sessions!


WHAT does it cost

The cost to attend is $2,150 for a team of four people from a school, with an additional $400 per person up to a max of 8 participants per school team.


WHEN will it take place

All meetings will be held virtually via Zoom. About 2-4 hours of asynchronous work will be required between meetings each week. Please watch for registration information for the next round of cohorts planned for the Fall of 2021.

HOW to register

Please reach out to Jackie Wolking ( or Laura Light ( with any questions. We're happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you, and we hope to see you soon.