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Over 700 international schools in 145 countries worldwide are using Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) from Northwest Evaluation Association™ (NWEA™) to help all students succeed.

Check out this short video and learn how learn how MAP data helps schools:

∙ identify where all students are in their learning process,

∙ understand growth and achievement at their school compared to other schools in their region, around the world, and in the United States

∙ and communicate with parents, school boards, and accreditation agencies about maximizing student growth.

Our international school community is growing every day. Visit to learn more.

"When you're an international school, you're sometimes very isolated. Every context is unique, and we're all different. However, having MAP to talk about [student performance] is something that brings us together and we can share our experiences. "

- Amanda Briggs Assistant Academic Dean, Cobham High School, ACS International Schools, Surrey UK

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College Living Experience

College Living Experience (CLE)

College Living Experience (CLE) is the leading provider of post-secondary supports for young adults with learning differences, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD), Non-Verbal Learning Disorders, and others. Dedicated to providing the highest quality of services, we strive to propel young adults toward success as they journey through their transition to independence.

CLE students pursue their academic program or career of interest while also receiving support, coaching, and instruction across the domains of independent living and social skill development. Since success will look different to each student, we take the time to learn about their needs, interests, and goals. This approach allows our team to provide support that aligns with their personal transition to adulthood.

We work closely with students through one-on-one mentoring, small group activities, and immersion in the community. With six locations across the United States, students can take advantage of a wide range of academic choices while having access to the tools, experience, and knowledge they need to forge a successful future for themselves.

We welcome you to visit our website to learn more about our traditional year-round program, as well as our pre-college programs, which have been developed for high school juniors and seniors and take place during 2-3 weeks over the summer. You can contact Melinda Khachaturian at 1-703-850-0019 to learn more about our programs and the students we serve.

International Expo Education Property

International Expo
Education Emigration Property

IEEPE 2017 is the largest international conference and exhibition dedicated to study, emigration, business opportunities and real estate abroad. IEEPE 2017 stands out for its innovative format, providing a balanced and well-conceived combination of conference and exhibition. In 2016, the organizers of IEEPE 2017 ran a series of events known as International Emigration Expo events in Moscow, Kyiv, and Almaty which were attended by more than 1,500 visitors and featured 55 speeches delivered by acknowledged experts and industry professionals.

Curriculum Associates

Curriculum Associates


Pictured is the Co-Founder of Curriculum Associates Frank Ferguson and CEO Rob Waldron.


by Michael Stratford / Politico Online News

At Curriculum Associates, a private textbook publishing and education technology firm in Billerica, Mass., employees talk about "the gift of Frank" — and one wonders why they don't say gifts, plural. Company co-founder Frank Ferguson, 89, the former president of audio equipment company Bose Corp., is a gift himself, always a spirited presence and the heart of the company since it was established in 1969. "The guy who's always walking the fastest, is the most energetic, is Frank," said CEO Rob Waldron.

— Ferguson is also a significant charity force in the education world and a socially focused business leader with a reputation for community engagement. He's a member of the Boston chapter of Social Venture Partners, a nonprofit that assists organizations that possess a social mission, and a board adviser for the Lionheart Foundation, which brings emotional literacy curriculum to incarcerated adults. Last year alone, Curriculum Associates gave roughly $500,000 to charitable organizations, including early education organization JumpStart, the Boston Debate League and uAspire, a nonprofit that helps students secure financial aid.

— Over the last few months, Curriculum Associates has been deprived of Ferguson's signature élan, because he's been undergoing cancer treatment. But his absence only underscores the true value of "the gift of Frank," Waldron told Pro Labor and Employment's Cogan Schneier.

— Ferguson created two safeguards to ensure the company's future matched his vision of "making classrooms better places for teachers and children," Waldron said. First, he made Waldron sign a 20-year employment contract when he joined in 2008, giving him the job stability to focus decisions on meeting the company's long-term goals.

Second, Ferguson established a joint trust with Waldron, which mandates that after Ferguson's lifetime, dividends from Ferguson's company shares would be donated entirely to charity.

— It's a pretty unique setup. Companies rarely focus so intensely on the long-term, especially in the U.S., where short-term returns are king and executive effectiveness is measured on a quarter-to-quarter basis, experts say. Some extremely successful companies tout their charitable investments, like Facebook, but it's unusual for a company of any size to put so much of its equity into charity.

— "School Street" focus: "One thing I say is that the structure allows me to answer to school street, not to Wall Street," Waldron said. "All of us recognize what we call 'The Gift of Frank.' We don't have to answer to anything but the work itself, because we don't have people that are trying to mine our profits for their short-term needs. It's both an honor and a big responsibility to make sure we manage that gift well, to cherish that gift in a way that makes the biggest impact to teachers and children."

— And it's working: Curriculum Associates has experienced rapid growth, quintupling its staff over the past four years and adding 200 new full-time positions this year. It also voluntarily raised the minimum hourly wage for staffers to $15 per hour (that's $5 more than the Massachusetts standard). A textbook publishing company for most of its life, Waldron has recently shifted the focus to creating technology solutions for classrooms, offering tools to help teachers and students measure student achievement and other diagnostics in real time.


Search Associates

Search Associates


Search Associates is the leading recruitment organization in international education. Since 1990, they have assisted over 32,000 administrators, teachers, counselors, librarians, and interns to find jobs in top international schools around the world. Their 18 offices and 11 job fairs worldwide ensure a more personalized service to both candidates and schools throughout the overseas hiring process. Working with more than 600 member schools, Search Associates provides quality recruitment and consulting services, including Head of School and Administrative searches. To learn more about Search Associates, please visit

Global Tax Online

GlobalTaxOnline is a CPA firm specializing in federal and state tax advice and preparation for US educators residing overseas. Advice and preparation of foreign account reporting. They will be at the 51st AAIE Conference in San Francisco and welcome the opportunity to set up a time to discuss your tax service needs. | | 803 256 6211

World Schools is the only global directory of schools in over 7 different languages, specialised on promoting the leading international private day & boarding schools worldwide.
Since our launch in April 2016, we helped schools diversify their international student population by connecting them to families visiting our site from over 130 different countries.With a listing on, schools can become part of a new, exciting and exclusive global platform benefiting of many advantages:

•More promotion & popularity, presenting your school to a larger audience

•Receive more parent enquiries & student enrollments, free of commission

•Be easy to find for both parents & students through our advanced search functions

•Become presented in multiple languages

•Publishing news and articles in over 8 different social media platforms

International Schools Services

Opening Minds and Doors for more than 60 years. International Schools Services (ISS) supplies top international schools around the world with everything they need to provide their students with a world-class education. Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, ISS offers only the best in staff recruitment, job placement, school supplies, curriculum, and other services that help position schools for success.

TieCare International


For more than three decades, clients around the world have found that TieCare International can provide world-class employee benefits and services that are customized to each educational institution. Many schools use TieCare insurance as a recruiting tool to attract teachers because of their worldwide brand familiarity. TieCare has a long history of great products, great service and the ability to handle the unique needs of international educators. As the global leader in providing fringe benefits to international educators, TieCare has written thousands of plans and covered tens of thousands of lives throughout the world. The big insurance conglomerates treat schools as any other client, without any special handling or accommodation. TieCare, focuses on relationships, not transactions. Connect with us at


David Epstein, AIA LEED AP, Managing Principal is an Award-winning architect.In this video he discusses the importance of designing great schools. Epstein is co-leader of the Education Studio specializing in K-12 and International Architecture and also, the co-leader of the Workplace Studio at TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design. TruexCullins is a long-time Affiliate Member and supporter of AAIE.