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1 September
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15 October
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15 November
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15 December
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July - August
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Margaret Sanders' career with Walsworth Publishing Company began in 1961, where during the subsequent four decades she traveled the world assisting schools with the publication of their yearbooks. This exciting career afforded her the opportunity to develop a close identification with overseas “American/International” schools and their diverse and interesting populations. Mrs. Sanders established this scholarship fund to "give back” to the community that gave her so many exciting opportunities and personal rewards. More specifically, The Margaret Sanders Foundation was established to fund educational opportunities for members of the overseas schools community that she found within our AAIE family. High school students graduating from an AAIE or Regional Association Member School within the various educational Regions are eligible to apply. Only one candidate from each region will be put forward for the final selection process.

The scholarships will be awarded to the students who demonstrate character strengths such as persistence and motivation, resourcefulness, and acceptance of other cultures and points of view. The nominated students should also display a genuine interest in, and sustained commitment to the welfare of others, as reflected through participation in school activities, and community/civic involvement. Factors considered in the selection process include academic achievement, financial need, and higher education and vocational aspirations that will impact future improvements within local and global communities. Leadership and service contributions that directly address community and societal needs and solutions will be considered in the selection process.

AAIE manages the application process and annual funds disbursement for the Margaret Sanders Scholarship Fund (MSSF) in partnership with the Gulf Coast Community Foundation (GCCF) and in accordance with all requirements as outlined in the application. The MSSF itself, is fiscally managed by the GCCF, with the number and size of annual scholarships determined by GCCF in accordance with the wishes of the Friends of Margaret Sanders.

Past Winners



Representing EARCOS, from the Yangon International School "Chloe" Thu Wati Aung
Representing NESA and ACS Beirut, Sima Bou Jawde
Representing AISA and AIS Johannesburg, Keitumetse Malatsi
Representing AASSA and the Lincoln School in Costa Rica, Karina Lang