Any international superintendent, principal, board member/ owner, or school leader from an AAIE member organization may be nominated.

Selection Criteria

Each candidate is judged on the following criteria:

Leadership –successfully led a school or community to engage with, design and implement a solution for a significant need, problem or challenge

Creativity – questioned the status-quo and seized an opportunity to develop a new program, system, etc. that creatively furthered the strategic mission of the organization

Culture – promotes a culture of questioning, risk taking and discovery focused on constant improvement within the organization

Delivery – exhibits excellence in communicating by engaging stakeholders with the innovative initiative in both clear and compelling ways

Impact – able to share an engaging explanation of the immediate and longer-term impact the innovation had on the organization to support and inspire innovative practice within the international school community

The 2018-19 Award Nomination Deadline is 31 October 2018.