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ISC Research Access

ISC Research is the leading provider of intelligence and data on the world's English-medium K-12 international schools market. ISC Research supplies schools and suppliers with a range of market reports, data licences, and research partnerships to support international development.

One of the benefits as a school member is free access to ISC Online  for schools 

(A new version will be launched after the summer of 2019).

  • ISC Online: an international schools online platform enabling AAIE members to access real-time stats, data and information on the entire world’s international schools market. Brand new ISC Online for Schools due to launch summer 2018.

ISC Research supports international schools with positioning & benchmarking

  • ISC Benchmarking Report: Understand where your school stands in relation to other international schools
  • State of the Market Overviews: Data and analysis of specific practices, needs and opportunities within the international schools market (see the free inclusion report and higher education report available free for AAIE member schools above)


ISC Research supports international schools with development & expansion

  • Market Intelligence Reports: Highly detailed data, trends and intelligence on the countries having the most impact on the market today and into the future
  • Research Partnership: Research partnerships are available to support schools undertaking any major international school development project. Partnerships include reports, bespoke data, expertise and introductions to investors, developers and consultants


ISC Research supports new school development

  • School Establishment Service: Tailored support and expertise to schools seeking to establish a sister school overseas
  • Global Report: Annual overview of the market providing data, trends and intelligence on the world’s international schools market


For more information on any services from ISC Research contact Arlo.Kipfer@iscresearch.com

News for AAIE members from ISC Research

The changing demographic of international school enrolment

The demand for international education delivered in the language of English is becoming increasingly accessible to families around the world and, as a result, the market is going from strength to strength.

"The chance to choose between different school types has changed the way many parents, both local and expatriates, approach their child's education," says Schools Director at ISC Research, Richard Gaskell.

As more international schools have opened around the world and incomes have increased, so parents in many countries have become increasingly aware that the two traditional solutions; either their country's state education, or a foreign boarding school thousands of miles away from home, are no longer the only two options available for their child.

International schools, which offer a Western-style of teaching and learning in the language of English, and international curricula working towards globally-respected qualifications, have become the preferred route for an increasing number of local, as well as expatriate families.

Well over 80% of all students now attending international schools are the children of local aspirational parents seeking out for them a reliable pathway to some of the best undergraduate degrees in the world, including many in the United States.

“American international schools have huge appeal for many wealthy local families, as well as expatriates, as they see these schools as a direct pathway to higher education in the US,” says Richard.