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Summer Leadership Institutes

26-30 June, 2017 • Fort Lauderdale, FL USA

Registration Opens 1 November 2016

Ensuring that your school provides a safe environment for every child in your care may be the most important and challenging thing you do as a leader. This workshop will offer expert training and practical sessions for international and independent school leadership teams* looking to create, implement and evaluate a comprehensive child protection plan that meets the new accreditation standards agreed upon by leading organizations such as the International Baccalaureate, CIS, NEASC, MSA, AdvancED and others (for a full list see below **). Most importantly, you will know that under your leadership, your team and school has taken important steps to educate and protect your students, staff and community from the very real threat of child predators.

Internationally acclaimed child protection experts Tim Gerrish OBE and Susie March will facilitate this practical and rigorous three day institute at the beautiful Sonesta Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel as part of the AAIE International Child Protection Leadership Team Workshop in Fort Lauderdale, FL USA.. These facilitators will provide the expert advice, information, support and practical resources needed for participants to create rigorous, individualized child protection plans tailored for their unique international /independent school setting. Specialized breakout sessions for team members along with exemplars of plans from other international and independent schools will provide the structure and flexibility needed for you to create a plan specific to the unique needs of your school community. Time will be given to craft, analyze and work on your individual plans under the guidance of experts throughout the workshop.

Our goal is that you and your team leave with a solid and well-researched implementation plan in place that will allow you to take immediate and strategic action while protecting and informing your school community on the urgent issue of child protection.

Participants who successfully complete this training will receive the AAIE School Leadership Child Protection Training Level 1 Certificate. This certification assures respective Boards and accrediting agencies that the attending school leaders have successfully completed the intensive and practical work needed to create a successful child protection plan within their school that meets new accreditation guidelines as agreed upon by the International Task Force on Child Protection and member organizations.

Speaker and Workshop Facilitator Team Information:

Tim Gerrish OBE

Mr. Gerrish is a highly committed and commended International Child Protection expert with extensive experience in advising on risk management issues and investigations.He specializes in conducting child protection audits as well as developing and delivering top class training on child safeguarding for international schools and high profile organizations.He has excellent interpersonal skills including the ability to network and build relationships within different sectors to garner support and influence policy and practice.Tim is a proactive leader and trainer who is passionate about building partnerships in an effort to ensure children are better protected globally.

Tim’s background is in law enforcement with 30 years experience as a detective with Scotland Yard in London.He was also head of the UK National Criminal Intelligence Service Serious Sex Offender unit before working with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre (CEOP).At CEOP his role was Head of International Partnerships, working with international schools, foreign governments, law enforcement agencies and child protection practitioners overseas. He has extensive experience of working within Southern and South East Asia as well as Europe, Africa and many other countries around the world.

Susie March

Susie qualified as a UK Registered General Nurse in 1986 and practiced within hospitals and the community, specializing in sexual health, women's health and family planning.

Now based in Munich, Germany, Susie has worked exclusively with international schools for the past ten years. Using an holistic and developmentally appropriate approach to sexual health education, Susie has a wealth of experience delivering Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) to schools throughout Europe. Susie is dedicated to improving the emotional and social wellbeing of young people by providing students with the information, skills and values needed to build healthy, happy and respectful relationships, whilst ultimately taking responsibility for their sexual health and well-being.

She has worked with schools on policy development, curriculum planning and implementation, as well as selection of teaching materials suitable for an international school setting. She strives to improve training, development and ongoing support for schools - working to ensure teachers are implementing comprehensive and age-appropriate sexual health education confidently, throughout all years of schooling. In addition, cultural sensitivity to sexual health education is improved by parental input, facilitated through parent information sessions. She has worked closely with the Council of International Schools (CIS), advising on strategies to support schools addressing the new accreditation standards. These include physical abuse, grooming, online safety, commercial exploitation and disclosing abuse.

* Recommended Child Protection Team Members / Roles: Head of School or other Administrator, Head of Human Resources & Hiring, Counseling Lead + a Counselor from each division, School Psychologist, Athletics or Activities Director,Curriculum Director/ Lead, Health Teacher Lead, Educational Technology Director, Special Needs Director / Lead, Security Director, Crisis Management Lead, School Nurse, or others as required by your unique school structure.

** The following accreditation organizations agreed at the February 2016 AAIE Conference to require new Child Protection Standards within their process: AdvancEd, Council of International Schools (CIS), Council of British International Schools (COBIS), CfBT Trust, International Baccalaureate (IB), International Schools Inspectorate (ISI), Middle States Association (MSA), New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and PENTA International. Please note this list is growing and other accrediting organizations may have joined since this publication date.

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