Margaret Sanders Scholarship

2019-20 Application Materials

The application window has now closed and winners will be announced in the coming months. 

Past Recipients


Ethan Thwaites - American International School of Kingston (AASSA)

Daniel Hodeta - International Community School of Addis Ababa/Ethiopia (AISA)

Janel Perez - International School Manila/Philippines (EARCOS)

Haya Ghandour - American Community School of Beirut/Lebanon (NESA)


Karina Lang - Lincoln School/Costa Rica (AASSA)

Keitumetse Malatsi - American International School of Johannesburg/South Africa (AISA)

"Chloe" Thu Wati Aung - Yangon International School/Myanmar (EARCOS)

Sima Bou Jawde - American Community School of Beirut/Lebanon (NESA)



Giulia Villanueve Lopez - American School of Asuncion/Paraguay (AASSA)

Kedest Mathewos - International Community School of Addis Ababa/Ethiopia (AISA)

Jeane Khange - Singapore American School/Singapore (EARCOS)

Natalia Garzon - Balboa Academy/Panama (Tri-Association)


Gisella Silva - Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt/Peru (AASSA)

Sharon Bosire - Brookhouse International School/Kenya (AISA)

Kim-Sa Trang Ngo - Saigon South International School/Vietnam (EARCOS)

Erika Garza Ibarra - American School Foundation/Mexico (Tri-Association)



Gaea Morales - International School Manila/Philippines (EARCOS)

Elif Naz Samanci - Robert College/Turkey (ECIS)

Meghan Sarah Thomas - Walworth Barbour American International School/Israel (NESA)

Lucia Ocejo - American School Foundation/Mexico (Tri-Association)


Hyun Kim - Santa Cruz Cooperative School/Bolivia (AASSA)

Catherine Namwezi - International School of Uganda/Uganda (AISA)

Haraya Buensuceso - Brent International School/Philippines (EARCOS)

Samvitha Ram - American International School, Chennai/India (NESA)


Jessica Leao - Pan American School of Bahia/Brazil (AASSA)

Kennedy Mmasi - International School Moshi/Tanzania (AISA)

Julia Saubier - International School Manila/Philippines (EARCOS)

Laith Kalai - American Community Schools of Athens/Greece (NESA)



Rebecca Bosworth - NOVA International School, Skopje/Macedonia (CEESA)

Manuele Cavalli-Sforza - International School Manila/Philippines (EARCOS)

Aarushi Prabhakar - International School of Helsinki/Finland (ECIS)

Akshay Joshi - American Community School of Abu Dhabi/UAE (NESA)


Ho Dong Chyung - Graded: The American School of Sao Paulo/Brazil (AASSA)

Bolatiti Kolawole - American International School of Lagos/Nigeria (AISA)

Aisling Leow - Singapore American School (EARCOS)

Daniel Martelly - American School of Bombay/India (NESA)


Daniela Rothschild - Albert Einstein Experimental School/Ecuador (AASSA)

Savina Venkova - American International School of Abuja/Nigeria (AISA)

Tra My Le - Saigon South International School/Vietnam (EARCOS)

John Kemnetz - American Community School of Abu Dhabi/UAE (NESA)


Maria Del Mar Juaregui - Graded: The American School of Sao Paulo/Brazil (AASSA)

Clarissa Skinner - International School of Guangzhou/China (EARCOS)

Narayan Bell - Lincoln School/Nepal (NESA)

Mariana Cobo - Colegio Bolivar/Colombia (Tri-Association)


Laura Torre - Graded: The American School of Sao Paulo/Brazil (AASSA)

Elizabeth Cooper - American School in Japan/Japan (EARCOS)

Selma Tobah - Cairo American College/Egypt (NESA)

Marco Sanchez - American School of Guadalajara/Mexico (Tri-Association)


Julissa Kiyenje - International School of Kenya/Kenya (AISA)

Natasha Gutierrez - International School Manila/Philippines (EARCOS)

Kevin McGrath - American International School of Budapest/Hungary (CEESA)

Amanda Shoemaker - (American Community School of Abu Dhabi/UAE (NESA)


Ilvira Mardanova - Tashkent International School (CEESA)

Jessica Kim - Taejon Christian International School/South Korea (EARCOS)

Danielle Schwob - American School in London/UK (ECIS)

Rayyan Ghuma - American International School of Muscat/Oman (NESA)


Elise Anne Pitco Castillo - Singapore American School/Singapore (EARCOS)

Kaitlyn Ike - Lincoln Community School (NESA)

Chiara DellaCave - American International School of Budapest/Hungary (CEESA)

Mustafa Mir - International School of Islamabad/Pakistan (NESA)


Marie Ostby - International School of Islamabad/Pakistan (NESA)

Ayann Abshir - International School of Kenya/Kenya (AISA)

Vanessa Hunsberger - Moscow (CEESA)

Diana Otalvar - Colegio Bolivar/Colombia (AASSA)


Juan Albarracin - Colegio Bolivar/Colombia (AASSA)

Refilwe Mokoena - Harare International School/Zimbabwe (AISA)

Yana Najjar - American Community School Beirut/Lebanon (NESA)


Jilliam Loveland - Dhaka

Joseph Nichols - Tel Aviv

Ayeha Qaisar - Karachi (NESA)

Criteria for Nominees

The scholarships will be awarded to the students who demonstrate character strengths such as persistence and motivation, resourcefulness, as well as acceptance of other cultures and points of view. The nominated students should also display a genuine interest in, and sustained commitment to the welfare of others, as reflected through participation in school activities, and community/civic involvement. Factors considered in the selection process include academic achievement, financial need, and higher education and vocational aspirations that will impact future improvements within local and global communities. Leadership and service contributions that directly address community and societal needs and solutions will be considered in the selection process.


About Margaret

Margaret Sanders' career with Walsworth Publishing Company began in 1961. During her storied forty-year career, Sanders traveled the world assisting schools with the publication of their yearbooks. Sanders developed a very close connection with the overseas 'American/International' schools as well as their diverse and interesting populations. Sanders established this scholarship fund to "give back" to the community that gave her so many exciting opportunities and personal rewards. Further, The Margaret Sanders Foundation was established to fund educational opportunities for members of the overseas schools community that she found within our AAIE family. High school students graduating from an AAIE or Regional Association Member School within the various educational regions are eligible to apply. Only one candidate from each region will be put forward for the final selection process.

Congratulations to the 2018-19 Winners!

Martin Reyes

Colegio Bolivar/Colombia (AASSA)

Martin Reyes aspires to be a scientist and a thinker to optimize international education. During his senior year, he was the recipient of the AP International Diploma and AP Scholar with Distinction Award. He is part of his school’s National Honor Society, active in social service, and a member of the school council.


Fiker Negash

International Community School of Addis Ababa/Ethiopia (AISA)

Fiker Negash’s dream is to create a safe platform for aspiring writers like herself, within Ethiopia and beyond its borders. She is the President of ICSAA’s National Honors Society, an award-winning member of the Model United Nations, and leads the Laureate Journal. Fiker also created a program called “Sketch Away” which engages in art therapy with local impoverished youth. 


Zachary Lopez

International School Manila/Philippines (EARCOS)

Zachary Lopez, aspires to study computer science and plans to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage traffic signals or enhance rescue efforts during natural disasters. He is the Founder of ISM’s Coding Club, a three-time winner of the school’s Outstanding Robotics Student Award, and the Vice President of ISM’s Student Ambassadors. Zachary participates annually in the National Olympiad of Informatics, finishing in the top ten in the Philippines last year.


Pabasha Nanayakkara

The Overseas School of Colombo/Sri Lanka (NESA)

Pabasha Nanayakkara would like to devote her time equally to pursuing her interests in the field of Biology as well as Linguistics. Her goal is to educate others and help the less privileged. Pabasha is dedicated to the OSC’s service club, Girls for Girls, works with the Emerge Lanka Foundation and the Salvation Army. Academically, she received the ‘Top in Sri Lanka’ Award for her outstanding General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) scores.