Invitational Institutional Membership


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This membership is for start-up/ early stage international schools and organizations who are not fully accredited but have committed to seeking accreditation/ authorization by organizations recognized by AAIE within five (5) years. Your school/organization is interested in developing international education programs and services, and cultivating excellence in leadership. This membership affords all members of your leadership and counseling teams access to AAIE resources and private list-serves/discussion platforms. In addition, all members of your entire staff enjoy discount benefits, access to AAIE scholarships, awards, publications and participation in all role-related networking and discussion platforms.
Invitational Institutional Members are to be nominated for various leadership awards but may not vote or stand for office.

*Should your school acquire accreditation/ authorization during a membership year you will be upgraded to Full Institutional Membership immediately upon AAIE receiving proof of accreditation / authorization from the related agency.

Qualifications & Requirements

To qualify for Invitational Institutional Membership, your educational organization must:

  • Be interested in supporting the mission of AAIE and participating in AAIE activities
  • Practice English as the principal language of instruction or communication (no less than 50%)
  • Be committed to building improved leadership capacity
  • And intent on providing diversity within the student body, educational practices and leadership of the organization


Leadership Knowledge and Support:

Unlimited access to diverse leadership insights, training, mentoring, professional learning communities, curated materials, blogs and much more for all organizational leaders or members seeking positions of leadership within the international context. This includes access to enjoy or contribute:

  • AAIE Global Leadership Hub Website (ongoing addition of new resources - check back frequently!)
  • AAIE digital international education research publication InterEd
  • Publish white papers / articles in AAIE InterEd 
  • Free Leadership Mentoring services through the AAIE - AISH Leadership Legacy Mentorship Program
  • AAIE Quarterly HeadNET Review (sent to Heads of School/ Directors Only)
  • AAIE Global Resource Directory (published and sent out to all members 3x per year)
  • Have your school / organization highlighted in a School Member Spotlight featured article on the website 
  • Opportunity to become an AAIE Fellow by completing coursework offered through the AAIE Institute for International School Leadership through our partnership with Wilkes University and PLS 3rd Learning
  • Significant fee discounts for all AAIE Regional and Global Trainings, Retreats, Workshops or Summer Institutes.

Networking and Community

Unlimited access to the following:

  • AAIE Membership Directory
  • AAIE Global NETworks -secure, role based global list-serves and discussion platforms for resource sharing, questions and sharing of role-specific information. Available for the key leadership groups within your school:
  • HeadNET (for Heads of School/ Directors & Presidents / and Deputy/Assistants in these roles - Members receive the AAIE HeadNET Quarterly Review if signed up)
  • PrincipalNET (for Principals at all divisions of the school/ and Deputy/Assistants in this role)
  • CounselorNET (for counselors, school psychologists and others who provide social-emotional /college counseling / academic support to students as their primary role)
  • The Leadership Legacy Mentoring Program (both as mentees and mentors)
  • Participation in our @AAIEGlobal Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook communities
  • Highlight your school or organization’s work on the AAIE Member Highlights webpage or various publications
  • Eligible for all AAIE Award nominations, membership voting and to stand for office
  • Eligible for all AAIE Scholarships

Discounts & Special Rates:

Enjoy significantly discounted rates for the following AAIE events and services:

  • Annual Leadership Conference
  • Regional Workshops and Certificate / Degree Programs
  • Summer Leadership and Counseling Institutes
  • Student Leadership Events
  • Unlimited FREE access to ICS Research & Reports Online for Schools
  • 20% subscription discount on the The International Schools Journal
  • 10% discount on advertising in our digital InterEd publication, on the website or in our conference programs
  • 10% discount with EduCare online safety, child protection and other training packages designed for your specific school needs and size
  • Special Rates on various services and products offered by our Affiliate Member Resource Providers (consulting, audits, insurance, etc.) all found in the AAIE Global Resource Directory

2018 - 19 Invitational Institutional Membership fee: $485.00

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