AAIE Membership Categories

Full Institutional

Our most comprehensive membership for fully accredited/authorized international schools, colleges universities and educational organizations interested in developing programs in international education and cultivating excellence in leadership.

Invitational institutional

This membership is for start-up/ early stage international schools and organizations who are not fully accredited but have committed to seeking accreditation/ authorization by organizations recognized by AAIE within five (5) years. Your school/organization is interested in developing international education programs and services, and cultivating excellence in leadership.


This membership is for corporations, commercial companies and professional organizations which support the mission of AAIE and provide services and resources to schools, colleges, universities and organizations engaged in programs of international education.

individualThis membership is for individuals who are full-time students, retired or no longer employed by any institution, organization, association or company. This is also the membership category for all AAIE Honorary Lifetime Members.