AAIE Hall of Fame

2020 Inductees

Deborah Welch

Deborah Welch

Rose C. Puffer

Rose C. Puffer

Stefanos Gialamas (Posthumously)

Stefanos Gialamas (Posthumously)

Rick Detwiler

Rick Detwiler

David Chojnacki

David Chojnacki



The AAIE Hall of Fame recognition is awarded to an individual who has made significant contributions over a period of ten (10) or more years to international education and who has furthered the goals and mission of AAIE.

Those who have modeled and helped others lead with vision, wisdom and integrity are the nominees we seek for this award.



Please use this link to download a nomination form. All nomination forms must be received no later than January 15, 2021. Contact Gerri-Ann Friedman at gerri-ann@aaie.org with any questions.

Inductees By Year

2020: David Chojnacki, Rick Detwiler, Stefanos Gialamas, Rose C. Puffer and Deborah Welch

2019: Kevin Bartlett, Donald Bergman, Judi Fenton, Joseph Pereira, Paul Poore

2018: Clayton W. Lewis, Mona Nashman-Smith, Richard Spradling, Ellen Stern

2017: Dennis Larkin, Reina O'Hale, William O'Hale

2016: Jack Delman, Anu Monga

2015: David Cramer, Robert Landau

2014: Ed Greene, Beth Pfannl, Mark Ulfers

2013: James Gilson, Alan Travers

2012: Carolyn Brunner, Lawrence W. Jones

2011: Robert Gross, Ochan Kusuma Powell, Bill Powell

2010: Jane Larsson

2009: William Scott

2008: Richard Krajczar, Elsa Lamb, Barrie Jo Price

2007: Bambi Betts, Arthur Chaffee, David Tully

2006: Bea Cameron, Tony Horton

2005: Walid Abushakra

2004: Vincent Ferrandino

2003: William Rose

2002: Ronald Marino, Keith Miller

2001: James Stitner, Donald Tubbs

2000: Richard Bradley, John Magagna

1999: Frank Anderson, Lou Fuccillo, ViggoPete Hansen

1998: Clark Kirkpatrick, Les Landers, James Morris, Robert Simpson

1997: William Davison, Leon Durkin, Mary Sanchez, Clifford Strommen

1996: Edward Bowes, Mary Ann Haas, Jacqueline Turner, Mary Wayte

1995: Connie Buford, Everett McGlothlin, Herm Penland

1994: Ray Downs, Robert Ferguson, Sal Rinaldi

1993: Carlton Bentz, Donald Fournier, Daryle Russell

1992: Carrell Anderson, Fred Brieve, Richard Chesley, James Costar, Burton Fox, Robert Gaw, Carl Gordon, Robert Gordon, Lewis Grell, Joseph Johnson, Joseph Kennedy, Edward Killin, Tony Lanza, Guy Lott Jr., Stuart Phillips, Margaret Sanders, Gail Schoppert, Floyd Travis, Denzil Widel

1991: William Bitner, Marie Bogat, Leonard Brody, Gilbert Brown, Jack Bruce, Frank Cockrell, Melvin Cole, Forrest Conner, Shelby Counce, John Dorbis, Merlin Duncan, William Ellena, Finis Engleman, Rudy Fobert, Kelly Gardner, Dub Goodson, Stanley Haas, Maggie Hediger, Hal Holmdohl, Robert Iannuzzelli, Thomas Johnson, Paul Luebke, Ernest Mannino, Gray Mattern, Vincent McGugan, George Meloy, Paul Orr, Floyd Parsons, Gordon Parsons, C.J. Patterson, George Raab, Edward Rushton, Leonard Savignano, William Schulthesis, John Sly, David Smith, Sid Spencer, Max Tudor, Fred Vescolani, Daniel Wagner