Individual or Emeritus MEMBERSHIP

This membership is for individuals who are either full time students or retirees no longer employed by an institution, organization, association or company. This is also the membership category for all AAIE Honorary Lifetime Members. The Individual Membership affords one individual access to AAIE resources, discount benefits and publications in addition to participation in all networking and related discussion platforms. Individual Members are not entitled to vote at meetings of the Association or stand for office, but they may participate in nominating others for AAIE Leadership Awards.


To qualify for Individual or Emeritus Membership, you must be:
  • Interested in supporting the mission of AAIE and participating in AAIE activities
  • A full-time student or retired and no longer employed by any individual institution, organization, association or company
  • Committed to building, supporting, and encouraging improved leadership capacity within the context of international education


What does it cost to join AAIE as an Individual or Emeritus Member?

The membership fee structure continues to reflect fairness to corporations, commercial companies and professional organizations.

2021-2022 Individual or Emeritus Membership Fee


member privileges

AAIE Individual or Emeritus Membership brings together school leaders from around the globe to share knowledge and support through the global AAIE community.

Leadership Knowledge and Support

Unlimited access to diverse leadership insights, training, professional learning communities, curated materials and publications, blogs and networking. This membership is intended to support those seeking positions of leadership within the international context as well as individuals who are longtime members of the international education community, currently retired/unemployed and seeking to maintain their connections with our global community. Membership includes access to:

  • Volunteer to provide leadership mentoring services through the AAIE - AISH Leadership Legacy Mentorship Program
  • Connect with colleagues weekly with AAIE School Leader Conversations and subject matter expert conversations
  • Eligible to register and participate in AAIE Annual International Leadership CONVERSATIONS
  • Stay in the know with AAIE Briefing and F3 communications
  • Access to AAIE programming including: The A/OS Good Governance Curriculum and Resources; AAIE - AISH Leadership Legacy Mentorship Program; Leaders From the Middle Seminars: AAIE-NAIS Strategy Lab; The AAIE New School Project
  • Publish white papers/articles in our digital academic journal, InterEd 

Networking and Community

Unlimited access to the following:

  • AAIE Global NETworks–secure topic-based discussion and resource sharing forums (Former Heads / Emerging Leaders)
  • The AAIE - AISH Leadership Legacy Mentoring Program (as a mentor)
  • Eligible to nominate others for AAIE Leadership 


How to get started on your membership

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