Full Institutional Membership

The membership fee structure has changed in part to reflect fairness to schools of differing student enrollments but also to innovate new leadership programming, and to offer more inclusive leadership year-long ‘conversations’… from ‘workinars’ to online learning, all at no additional cost. And if that isn’t compelling enough, members receive a discounted rate for participating at the Annual AAIE Leadership Learning Conversation.

Number of Students Enrolled  2020-21 Fee 
1-300 $525
301-500 $630
501-750 $819
751-1200 $1100
1201-1500 $1800
1501+ $2250


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Our most comprehensive membership for fully accredited/authorized international schools, colleges universities and educational organizations interested in developing programs in international education and cultivating excellence in leadership. This membership affords all members of your leadership and counseling teams access to AAIE resources and private list-servs/discussion platforms. In addition, all members of your entire staff enjoy discount benefits, access to AAIE scholarships, awards, and publications. Full Institutional Members are entitled to be nominated for various leadership awards and stand for office.

Qualifications & Requirements

To qualify for Full Institutional Membership, your educational organization must:

  • Be accredited or authorized by an agency recognized by AAIE:
    • Cognia
    • CIS
    • COBIS
    • IBO
    • Middle States
    • NEASC
    • SACS
    • WASC
  • Practice English as the principal language of instruction or communication (no less than 50%)
  • Be committed to developing international education & leadership capacity
  • And committed to diversity within the student body, educational practices and leadership of the organization


Leadership Knowledge and Support:

Unlimited access to diverse leadership insights, training, mentoring, professional learning communities, curated materials, blogs and much more for all organizational leaders or members seeking positions of leadership within the international context. This includes access to enjoy or contribute:

Networking and Community

Unlimited access to the following:

  • AAIE Global NETworks: secure, role-based global listservs and discussion platforms for resource sharing, questions and sharing of role-specific information. Available for the key leadership groups within your school:
    • HeadNET (for Heads of School/ Directors & Presidents / and Deputy/Assistants in these roles - Members receive the AAIE HeadNET Quarterly Review if signed up)
    • PrincipalNET (for Principals at all divisions of the school/ and Deputy/Assistants in this role)
    • CounselorNET (for counselors, school psychologists and others who provide social-emotional /college counseling / academic support to students as their primary role)
  • The Leadership Legacy Mentoring Program (both as mentees and mentors)
  • Eligible for all AAIE Award nominations and to stand for office
  • Students eligible for all AAIE Scholarships


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