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What Does it Mean to be a Member?

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is never more true than for AAIE which is comprised of members like you throughout the globe making up our international community. Membership has its privileges and chief among them are the multitude of learning opportunities available to our members only. Whether it be online learning with a Modern Learner’s ‘Workinar,’ Summer Seminars or the Annual AAIE Leadership Conversation, connectivity, learning and networking with your peers is the continuum of value adds that defines AAIE membership. From access to AAIE’s semi-annual InterEd research journal, to being a part of the community nominating your peers for recognition awards, and helping students from your school seek out AAIE scholarships, AAIE is the place to be. Like our logo, each member is representative of a piece of the puzzle that joins us together to form an interwoven international community. Be a part of something great…membership is just a click away.

Exclusive Learning Events

Annual Leadership Conference & Expo

The annual AAIE Leadership Conference & Expo turned 54 this year and continues to offer access to premier thought leaders in education, answers to leadership challenges, and wonderful networking opportunities. Check back soon for details on next year's conference (February 8-10, 2021 in Washington, D.C.)

Head of School/Board Chair Training

You and your Board Chair will learn the skills and approaches for building a strong working relationship, which will enable you both to lead your boards in balancing effective fiduciary oversight with strong strategic direction, employing exemplary board practices, and sustaining excellence in governance. Learn more and register!

Summer Seminars

AAIE is committed to offering opportunities to continue the learning from our conferences. This summer, we're hosting a workshop headlined by Rosalind Wiseman that blends social-emotional learning ideas with child protection imperatives– a three-day seminar in Princeton, NJ. Learn more and register!

"To me, being a member of AAIE means being included as an integral part of a worldwide international community - it's the networking - the opportunity to collaborate - and most importantly, knowing that I am not alone. I can't imagine doing this job without an organization like AAIE that advocates and takes a lead role in framing the future of international education. The job is lonely enough on its own and I’m thankful that I have AAIE behind me every step of the way."

-Jeff Paulson, AAIE President


Online Learning

Leadership MasterMinds Cohorts

We’re thrilled to announce the inaugural set of AAIE Leadership Masterminds for 2020. In this first round, we’re opening up three cohorts of 10-12 international school leaders who will meet via Zoom once a month (and via Slack in the interim) to engage in the critical conversations you need to be having to figure out the next steps into the future of your school. Learn more.

AAIE Institute

The AAIE Institute offers online courses for new and aspiring international school leaders. Options include a Certificate program, a Fellowship program (for members of AAIE only), and the chance to earn a Master's Degree or Doctor of Education in conjunction with Wilkes University. Learn more.

Awards and Scholarships

Sponsorship Opportunities

As a member, you will gain a great level of visibility as a sponsor at our conference and other learning events. Learn more HERE.

2019-20 Membership Categories and Fees

The membership fee structure has changed in part to reflect fairness to schools of differing student enrollments but also to innovate new leadership programming, and to offer more inclusive leadership year-long ‘conversations’… from ‘workinars’ to online learning, all at no additional cost. And if that isn’t compelling enough, members receive a discounted rate for participating at the Annual AAIE Leadership Learning Conversation.

Full Institutional

Our most comprehensive membership for fully accredited/authorized international schools, colleges universities and educational organizations interested in developing programs in international education and cultivating excellence in leadership.

Invitational institutional

This membership is for start-up/ early stage international schools and organizations who are not fully accredited but have committed to seeking accreditation/ authorization by organizations recognized by AAIE within five (5) years. Your school/organization is interested in developing international education programs and services, and cultivating excellence in leadership.


This membership is for corporations, commercial companies and professional organizations which support the mission of AAIE and provide services and resources to schools, colleges, universities and organizations engaged in programs of international education.

individual Student or emeritusThis membership is for individuals who are full-time students, retired or no longer employed by any institution, organization, association or company. This is also the membership category for all AAIE Honorary Lifetime Members.