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Webinars and Online Learning

January 2018 Webinars

8 January 2018 - Will Richardson: Reimagine Learning in 2018: A Five Step Plan to Launch High-Bar Change in Schools

Join 52nd AAIE Opening Keynote Will Richardson for a FREE Webinar Opportunity 8 January 2018

52nd Conference

Reimagine Learning in 2018: A Five Step Plan to Launch High-Bar Change in Schools

In this exclusive and live interactive workshop, you'll learn how to make 2018 a year of re-imagination at your school, starting with a proven five-step plan for change.

Drawn from the ideas in our highly popular whitepaper "10 Principles of Modern Learning", this workshop will challenge your thinking and build your capacity regardless of your role in schools.

Monday January 8th, 2018

Offered at two times: 2pm EST and 8pm EST (US)
Find the time in your timezone

Are you ready to Change.School?

Will Richardson

Will Richardson

AAIE Keynote Speaker

Will Richardson has spent the last dozen years developing an international reputation as a leading thinker and writer about the intersection of social online learning networks and education. He was one of a handful of original education bloggers (willrichardson.com) and his work has appeared in numerous journals, newspapers, and magazines such as Ed Leadership, District Administration, Education Week, The New York Times and English Journal. He is an outspoken advocate for change in schools and classrooms in the context of the diverse new learning opportunities that the Web and other technologies now offer, and has worked with educators in over 20 countries to understand the opportunities and challenges of learning in the modern world Read More...

What you will Learn?

  • A five-step process for launching serious reimagination efforts in your school.
  • Why 2018 is a critical moment for change in schools.
  • The fundamental questions that will drive your change initiative.
  • The most effective ways of engaging your school community in high-level change discussions.
  • Ways to deal with barriers to change.

Who should attend?

  • School superintendents, principals, and headmasters thinking seriously about change in their schools
  • School board members or trustees supporting change initiatives
  • Teachers seeking leadership roles in schools
  • Education consultants working on change projects
  • University educators involved in ed leadership programs

Would you like to see more of Will and engage with Will and other leading colleagues from around the world in conversations on Re-Imagining International Education topics?

Join AAIE in NYC for the 52nd AAIE International Leadership Conference & Expo: Leaders United - Transforming Our World Together

52nd Conference
UN Speakers


24 January 2018 - Dr. Scott Poland: Cyberbullying Prevention in the Screen Age


AAIE 2018 Summer Institute Taster

Dr. Scott Poland: Cyberbullying Prevention in the Screen Age

Please Join Us
Wednesday, January 24, 2018
3:00 - 4:00 PM EST

All PSI webinars are recorded for those who cannot watch live. If you cannot attend, Register Now and you will be notified when the recording is available in our Webinar Library.

PSI Cyberbully

There are estimates that teenagers spend six hours or more per day on their technology devices. Unfortunately, technology provides the perfect forum for relational bullying and the anonymity of technology results in messaging that is more nasty and humiliating than if said in person.

Schools have been uncertain how to respond to cyberbullying and many have thought since it occurred away from school that it was not their problem. However, it almost always impacts learning. School personnel have described responding to cyberbullying as a very time-consuming slippery slope.

This webinar will provide an overview of cyberbullying and discuss how it is intertwined with regular bullying. It will outline important steps for teaching digital citizenship and how parents can be encouraged to provide closer supervision of their children's technology.


  • Understand the impact of technology screen time on children and teens.
  • Analyze the impact cyberbullying has on students.
  • Learn through case examples how schools must investigate cyberbullying incidents and provide consequences for the bully and support for the victim.
  • Identify practical steps that schools can take to help students become more respectful online and reduce cyberbullying.
  • Provide practical suggestions that schools can share with parents to increase their supervision of their child's technology and to understand that technology is a privilege not a right.

Provided in partnership with Dr. Scott Poland and PSI

Top 100 Global Citicens

Recordings available - The Clearpath to Safety for You and Your School

9AM Webinar

12 PM Webinar

The Clearpath to Safety for You and Your School

Presented by:

The official security & safety app of #AAIE18

When: January 25, 2018

9 AM EST and 12 Noon EST


Your safety is our top priority while your traveling in and around New York City which is why we’ve engaged leading safety and technology company, Clearpath Alerts and their TOTALITY™ app as the official safety mobile app for #AAIE18. Learn how you and your team can stay safer during the event and keep your schools safer back home.

Join us for an informative and engaging thirty minute webinar to learn how to:
>Streamline your Emergency Planning Management for your school
>Use TOTALITY™ at AAIE and at home to stay safer and better informed
>Get security notices, status updates, alerts and more while in NYC.
>Download the app for a chance to win a year of TOTALITY™ (valued up to $5,500) to keep your school better prepared and, ultimately, safer.

Webinar Presenter: Mike Johnson, CEO of Clearpath Alerts LLC. Mike is a business leader and former U.S. government Senior Manager with extensive experience working with international schools and businesses in high threat settings.

About Clearpath Alerts: Clearpath Alerts LLC is a Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based security technology company which provides domestic and international schools, institutions, corporations, event producers with risk, security and dynamic communication technology solutions. As a company, we believe that the preventive and preparedness aspects of the emergency planning cycle combined with dynamic mobile communication tools, crowdsourcing intelligence, and data and analytics better ready our clients for the majority of emergencies they may face. Our team of entrepreneurs, security experts, technologists and marketers has proven expertise in the international risk management, security and technology industries. Our combined experience enabled the development of the Clearpath Alerts TOTALITY™ online and mobile system which was built for the 360° needs of today’s challenges to enable a healthier, safer tomorrow. For more information on Clearpath Alerts and TOTALITY™ visit www.clearpathalerts.com or contact us at marketing@clearpathalerts.com.

Webinar Archive

Responding to "13 Reasons Why": Recommendations for International School Counselors

Responding to "13 Reasons Why": Recommendations for International School Counselors

Webinar Resources are here

Many young people around the world are viewing the program 13 Reasons Why, which is based on a book by Jay Asher. The program depicts the struggles of an adolescent named Hannah who dies by suicide. Hannah left behind a series of cassette tapes that list the reasons why she decided to die by suicide and all the students at school who she blames for her death. Many viewers have been binge watching the program which increases the intensity of their experience. Suicide prevention experts have been raised numerous concerns about the program.

This webinar will outline those concerns and provide practical information for how international school counselors can respond to support students who have or are currently viewing the program and provide them with accurate information about suicide and sources of assistance. Specific recommendations for parents will also be shared. The program emphasizes the impact of bullying on Hannah's suicide and current research on that relationship will be emphasized.

Scott PolandPresenter: Dr. Scott Poland is one of the premier experts on schools and suicide and prevention. He has been invited to testify before the U.S. Congress on four occasions and has authored five books and numerous chapters and articles about school safety, youth violence and suicide prevention. He was previously the President of the National Association of School Psychologists and the Prevention Division Director for the American Association of Suicidology. He previously directed psychological services for 24 years for a large urban district in the USA. He is currently psychology faculty and the co-director of the Suicide and Violence Prevention Office at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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