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EDUCare - Online Training Options

AAIE has partnered with EduCare, the UK’s leading provider of essential Child Protection/ Safeguarding and Duty of Care training to provide an affordable, high-quality and effective 2-Step Child Protection Training & Safeguarding CPD Program uniquely created for international schools around the world.

Step 1: Schools have their Child Protection Leadership Team attend the AAIE Child Protection Leadership Team Training and Level 1 Certificate Program. This 4-Day intensive training provides attendees with a broad understanding of child protection in the international setting and the resources, templates, expert support and knowledge to create a comprehensive child protection plan. This step provides a solid foundation to school leadership and counselors of what, how and when to move forward with to ensure the school developing or improving the safety of their students and community.
Evaluation & Monitoring: All attendees who complete this intensive 4-Day Course receive a Level 1 Certificate in Child Protection Leadership from AAIE.
This certification assures respective Boards and Accrediting Agencies that these school leaders have successfully completed intensive, university-level learning and the practical work needed to create, implement and monitor a successful Child Protection Plan within their school that meets the new accreditation guidelines.

Step 2: EduCare for Education: International then provides the needed broad range of training courses to support convenient, online annual Child Protection Training of all employees and volunteers. In addition, a full menu of specific advanced courses are available for members as members of your Child Protection Leadership Team are ready to expand their knowledge and expertise, or new members come aboard and need specific training.
Evaluation & Monitoring: EduCare for Education: International comes with a robust reporting suite that can provide evidence for internal monitoring and accreditation evaluators and inspectors alike, and is tailored to show both participant learning and requirement compliance.

EduCare For Education: International Package Online Courses Currently Are*:

To Enjoy Your

1) Check the AAIE Membership Directory to confirm your membership is active.

2) Simply let Laura, at EduCare know you are an AAIE Member School!

EduCare For Education: International Package

While every course in the package is relevant for international schools, EduCare has recently developed nine of our most popular courses to reflect the diverse student population and the broad variety of cultures and traditions unique to international schools.

Sold as an annual license based on user numbers, EduCare for Education: International provides an affordable option to small and large schools alike. The license allows for unlimited access for all staff including new employees, board members, support staff, coaches and volunteers all year round.

This unlimited access means that for one annual payment, you can be confident that every adult within your setting is fully trained and able to provide the essential level of care and support that all children and young people deserve.

All courses contain imagery and content to cover both primary and secondary education.

*New courses are being developed and an extended library of courses are being internationalized, so check with EduCare for the most current course offerings.

EduCare International School Services:
Laura Brain

• +44 1926 436230

Contact Laura today to find out more, receive a quote for your school and get started!