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Conference Advertising

Advertising in AAIE’s annual conference program puts you in contact with international school leaders from around the globe. We know these leaders: they are our members. They are also your most valuable market because they have the purchasing authority to make decisions about school resources, services, and professional learning programs. By advertising with AAIE you can communicate directly with these leaders at a reasonable cost.

Unique engagement opportunities this year:
  • International Marketplace Resource Directory: Introductory publication emailed to AAIE members and key school contacts before and after the conference highlighting your service details and contact information.
  • 52nd Keepsake Program: Color Mini Program booklet advertising (1/2 and 1/4 page adverts)
  • Interactive Mobile APP: Engage directly with attendees before, during and after the conference on our new mobile app.
  • Conference Bag Promotional Materials and SWAG

Banner Ads embedded in the app pages linked directly to your content information

Interactive Maps allow guests to locate your table helps with keeping timely appointments

Interactive games & Contact lists increase personal engagment with attendees

Conference App

The 52st AAIE Conference features an interactive Mobile APP to maximise attendee engagement and connections.

Conference Resource Directory

This resource is sent as a special email to AAIE members and key decision makers including your logo, contact information and details about your service. The resource directory allows conference attendees to consult with their leadership team to identify resources and create appointments directly prior to the conference.

DUE DATES: Information must be to advertise@aaie.org by 15 December, 2017

52nd Conference Keepsake Program

Dimensions and AAIE Member Pricing for Printed Program Ads

Mini Program book (replaces the larger program) 5.00 × 8.00 in (12.70 × 20.32 cm). All ads will be printed in full color and should be high resolution of 300dpi.

  • Full Page Ad (Reserved for Diamond and Platinum Conference Sponsors)
  • Half Page Ad (5 X 4 or 12.7 X 10.16 ) - $ 430
  • Quarter Page Ad (5 X 2 or 12.7 X 5.08) - $ 250

* ¼ bleed on above

DUE DATES: Information must be to advertise@aaie.org by 11 January 2018

Let Your SWAG Do the Talking

All exhibitors may have up to 2 Swag items placed in the Conference Bags for FREE. Swag items are branded small gifts and/or usable items for attendees (memory thumb-drives, pens, water-bottles, luggage tags, etc.). 600 of each Swag item should be shipped to the hotel using the Hotel Exhibitor forms. The packages must be clearly labeled AAIE Conference Bags.

Printed/Paper promotional flyers incur a fee of $230 for inclusion in the conference bag.

DUE DATES: Items MUST be received at the hotel by 1 February 2018 to be included in the bag.