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2018-19 Diamond-Level Conference Sponsors:

International Schools Services (ISS)


Annual International Leadership Conference

53rd Annual Leadership Conference & Expo: will be held from 3-6 February 2019 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco! **Pre-conferences will be held on February 3rd 2019 beginning at 8:00 AM PT.

Being on Time for the Future
The February 3-6, 2019 AAIE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE has been constructed to ensure everyone who joins feels included, with almost all the time spent learning together and where our leadership conversations will continue beyond the walls of the San Francisco Hyatt Regency Hotel. We are planning a rough and tumble conversation about leading and learning. Your voice is needed. Bring an open heart, an open mind and open will. Register today
What to Expect:
NINE THEMES– Ensuring our time together uses your feedback about key leadership challenges across our international schools. We are listening and then building from the expertise of our own members and thought leaders. 
THE NEW PRE-CONFERENCEScheduled for Sunday February 3, 2019– A full day digging into the leadership challenge themes– you choose the one most essential for your leadership development. A day to construct ideas and possible solutions together. A number of pre-conference choices.
AISH OASIS DAY PLUSScheduled for Monday, February 4, 2019– Our AISH colleagues and many other regional organizations meet to investigate fresh ideas and opportunities.
SUPERINTENDENT OF THE YEAR DINNER AND DANCEScheduled for Monday evening, February 4, 2019– Honoring the International School Superintendent of the Year. Includes awardee's address to membership and dinner/reception. 
WORLD COMMUNITY DAYScheduled for Tuesday, February 5, 2019– A day we spend together. No break-out sessions on this day, instead together we learn from each other. Breakfast, brown bag lunch and wine and unwind. 
THE UN-KEYNOTE ADDRESS– An exchange of ideas, based on our leadership challenges where we listen to ways of thinking and doing and then engage each other town hall style.
THE HEAD-TALK– Different takes on leadership challenges, shared within 18 minutes, meant to challenge your thinking and adopt a new perspective. 
POINT AND COUNTERPOINT, "The Two Kevins"– Not to be missed…what is it you ask? Again, not to be missed.
THE "DEEPER DIVE"– Two sessions where you choose your leadership challenge and go "deeper" to learn from a team of experts– building from success stories within our schools and from recognized thought leaders. Each session X 2 promotes shared leadership and dialog where the outcome is to determine where we need to go next.