AAIE Global NETworks

AAIE is committed to supporting International School Leaders and educators by helping them connect & share diverse ideas and resources on a global level so they can lead their international schools and programs with vision, wisdom and integrity. Our AAIE Global NETworks, are member only secure listservs that provide a confidential & role-specific global discussion platform for you to network, share resources, pose questions, connect ideas, explore challenges, access research and work together on solutions that impact your work within the international school setting.

Our AAIE Global NETworks have Expert Moderators who are highly respected practitioners with diverse expertise in your role.
Who are Expert Moderators? They are members who hale from a variety of global regions and have extensive experience in topics critical to the group they work with. They volunteer to provide guidance, share resources, assist with making connections to support good decision making and best practice in your school role. We thank them for their help in ensuring you find one or more of the NETworks a valuable resource and encourage you to engage with them and other participating colleagues to connect, share and lead!
Would you like to be an Expert Moderator for a current or future AAIE NET? Please email Derek@aaie.org for more information.


What leadership roles have a NETwork group?
Currently AAIE offers the following member discussion groups:
HeadNET (for heads of school)
PrincipalNET (for school principals)

CounselorNET (for all school counselors & psychologists)

How do I join a NETwork group?
CLICK ONE OF THE GROUPS ABOVE TO JOIN - or Contact the Membership Coordinator for appropriate access throughout the year. Only AAIE members who are in the role related to the name of the NETwork group on their school's Extended Membership Benefits Contact Form each year are allowed to register for entry to a given group emailing service. Once your school renews your membership and updates the above form, you will be invited to the group most closely matching your role title. You will need to log in with your School Email to participate.
*If you have multiple roles and would like to be added to another group, please click on each group in the form or contact Membership@aaie.org from your school email and specify your role(s) and that you would like to be added.




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Protocols for all AAIE NET Groups

1. Anyone who has conducted any survey in the last 12 months is requested to send a summary of their results to AAIE for archival and future member reference on the AAIE Website.

2. When sending to the entire list, PLEASE use a signature protocol that includes your full name, professional title, school name, and possibly, telephone, and school website.

3. When sending a reply to the entire list, please delete those portions of the original routing, text, etc. that are unnecessary to your communication. Many members express frustration at having to scroll through several pages of strange glyphs to get to the most recent message.

4. The service is NOT to be used for posting job vacancies, except in the direst of circumstances (as in a sudden school evacuation/ emergency replacement for severe illness/ etc.).

5. Please do not offer suggestions or recommendations for specific products or programs (advertisements) to the whole group. If you have a suggestion for someone who has expressed a particular need, please forward that suggestion/advice to the person in a private email.

6. Finally, this is meant to be an open forum for the exchange of ideas, questions, resources and experiences that can support you in your work with students and further your development of high quality, innovative programs and services at your school.