2020 Pre-Conferences

Saturday, February 1st and Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

Please note: "Transitions, Tribulations and Triumphs in International School Leadership" is a TWO-DAY pre-conference that will take place Saturday, February 1st and Sunday February 2nd. All other pre-conferences will take place on Sunday, February 2nd.

9:00AM - 4:00PM (All Pre-Conferences Run Concurrently)

*Lunch 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Join your leadership colleagues, learning together. This year's AAIE Pre-Conferences are led by people you know, who know our work. Sign-in and give them your time. Keep learning.

*Pre-Conference registration is separate from conference registration. You may register for Pre-Conferences HERE.

"Tribulations, Triumphs and Transitions in International School Leadership"

Barry Dequanne and Lee Fertig

Location: Gilbert, 4th Floor


This AAIE workshop is specifically geared toward school heads and deputy school heads who are looking to improve their leadership practice during times of transition and challenge. The agenda will vary based on interests and needs of those participating, but topics typically include developing transition plans, strategies for improving relationships with school governance and leadership, and preparing for/responding to significant school changes. READ MORE


"How to Create Mission-Based Compensation/Performance Management Systems and Protocols"

John Littleford

Location: Majestic, 6th Floor

What is the link between mission and money? What is the link between salaries and benefits and performance evaluation? What is the link between talent management, professional development and holding teachers accountable to standards and the mission? This session will explore these sometimes challenging and emotional topics recognizing that schools require healthy systems that board members, parents, leaders AND teachers  can understand and support. READ MORE


"Inclusion: The New Normal"

Ochan Powell and the NFI Design Team

Location: Music Box, 6th Floor

The Team at The Next Frontier Inclusion has spent many years supporting schools on the road towards inclusive practices, sharing proven ways to support managed numbers of students with a wide range of learning profiles. In this interactive session we’ll be providing a practical overview of what we have learned, including the need to define ‘inclusion’. READ MORE


"Leading Together Thriving Within the Critical Relationship Between Board Chair and Head of School"

David Chojnacki and Rick Detwiler

Location: Winter Garden, 6th Floor

This pre-conference will focus on nine leadership criteria borne out of research into practice, that predict productive and successful work between school head and board chair. This session will go deep into setting the conditions for ensuring a positive and productive board culture through creation of the strongest team in the school, that between head of school and board chair. READ MORE


"The One Thing That Changes Everything – The Happiness Advantage"

Charles Mitchel

Location: Palace, 6th Floor

This session will challenge our assumptions, understanding and old thinking on how we maximize our leadership effectiveness. It's not just what we know we can do and hard work. WHO WE ARE is equal or more important as teaching and leading in International schools becomes increasingly more difficult and draining. READ MORE


"Leading and Influencing Change"

John Burns

Location: Shubert, 6th Floor

Whether you’re introducing learning portfolios, deploying a 1:1 device program or shifting to a new curricular framework the challenge is inherently the same. How do you ensure the initiative is not only successfully implemented but also sustained in the longer term? READ MORE


"Building Trust and Repairing Damaged Trust"

Fran Prolman

Location: Uris, 6th Floor

This practical and engaging pre-conference will enable leaders to raise their consciousness to the specific behaviors, categories and characteristics of trust. Participants will enact two specific models of trust building, and identify the steps and conversations required to repair trust when it is broken. Leaders will consciously model these attributes, have a practical plan to teach them and expect from others. As a result, the building of a culture of trust and psychological safety becomes intentional and measurable. READ MORE