AAIE’S Leadership Masterminds Cohorts

An AAIE Prototyping Experience for Leadership Learning


Leadership Can Be Lonely; Let’s Change That

We live in a moment when leaders working in isolation are especially hard pressed to see the future and equally challenged to chart a path forward. At the same time, pressures from all directions -- especially unexpected ones -- rule our day-to-day decision-making.

But what if you had a team of other international school leaders from around the world and a couple of world class coaches to connect with regularly? To bounce ideas off of? To help design change that sticks? To provide, when the moment calls for it, some critical friendship and guidance to help get you through the rough spots.

Well, now you do.

Introducing: AAIE Leadership Masterminds

We’re thrilled to announce the inaugural set of AAIE Leadership Masterminds for 2020. In this first round, we’re opening up three cohorts of 10-12 international school leaders who will meet via Zoom once a month (and via Slack in the interim) to engage in the critical conversations you need to be having to figure out the next steps into the future of your school.

Homa Tavangar and Will Richardson

These cohorts will be guided by Homa Tavangar and Will Richardson, two internationally respected speakers and coaches, who are both well versed in the complexities of the moment and the conversations required to deal with them. 

By joining a cohort you can expect to: 

  • Break the isolation you might experience in your role by committing to regular monthly meetings and ongoing backchannel conversations with other international school leaders.
  • Set goals, brainstorm and test ideas, and get feedback and support in a safe, trusting environment. 
  • Build accountability to keep moving forward on your innovation and change plans, while gaining tools to confront obstacles. 
  • Engage in an active learning and self-improvement process through conversations around articles, books, podcasts and other media from various fields. 

Join us! 


If you’re searching for a powerful, creative, and timely opportunity to develop your leadership skills and your vision for the future with other, like-minded leaders, join us! The cost is only $300 USD for nine month monthly sessions and ongoing conversation. 

If you have any questions, please contact Homa (homatav@growingupglobal.net) or Will (will@willrichardson.com) directly. 

So looking forward to having you join us in this new concept for leadership learning exclusively for AAIE leaders. 



PS:  HERE is the original brochure handed out at the AAIE CONVERSATION