2018-19 Leadership Challenges

Membership Survey Treatment and Key Findings

There were 123 AAIE member survey participants. Responses for the statement, “Describe your top-three leadership challenges” were diverse in content but quite consistent in announcing dominant themes. The open-ended responses were counted and cataloged and then summarized. The ranking of themes is based on the physical count of how many times the challenge/issue was mentioned. The AAIE Member Commentary section provides further description of the leadership theme- using actual AAIE member written responses.

More than any other issue, it is the board and head of school relationship that occupies greatest concern and challenge. The imperative of creating both future-ready and inclusive schools through change leadership strategies and needed professional development to ensure high quality also took center stage. As market competition increases for talented teachers, many comments focused on recruitment, professional development and retention of the best and brightest.

Mentioned often was the tension between ensuring our international schools remain relevant and responsive to innovation while needing to balance conservative or traditional perspectives within the community. And finally, many comments focused on advancing the school through effective marketing, communication and fundraising practices.