The 54th AAIE-New York City-CONVERSATION: February 1-5, 2020

"Diverse on Purpose, Different By Design"

#AAIE 2020


We Learn Through Conversations...

If you're going to travel to New York in February 2020, with many of you from the other side of the planet, then it's the job of AAIE to make sure we hold important CONVERSATIONS.

We can see nothing more important than our theme for 2020: Diverse on Purpose: Different by Design. And to explore the questions that matter. Our theme calls for us to be more than 'diverse by accident' simply by virtue of our student populations. In troubling times, with the politics of polarity gaining ground, international education is uniquely placed to embrace the power of diversity with a renewed sense of common purpose, or to 'make a difference on difference.'

This year's conversation will pull together multiple threads of diversity: from those who learn differently, supporting linguistic equity, building success on our different strengths, addressing key issues such as ethnic diversity in our faculties and women in leadership, socio-economic disparity and access to our schools..the things that many of us care deeply about.

We need your voice in this CONVERSATION. Contribute your voice and expertise at AAIE in New York in 2020. 

Best wishes,

AAIE Trustees


The Venue

New York Marriott Marquis

1535 Broadway, New York, NY 10036


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Dacher Keltner

"21st Century Power: Principles, Practices, and Positive Social Change"

2:30-4:00PM Monday, February 3rd

We are in the midst of a power revolution, one moving away from older, Machiavellian approaches to power, which prioritized coercion and might, to more collaborative, compassionate models of power. In this talk, Dacher Keltner will detail a roadmap for 21st century power, one oriented toward social change and embodied in Collaborative Practice. He will speak about the need to think what power is: not money, class, coercion or might but rather our ability to make a difference in the world. Keltner will detail the principles of collaborative power, which include empathy, giving, gratitude and stories that unite, all of which earn the esteem of others and stir social networks to effective action. He will address the abuses of power, from empathy deficits to impulsivity, which can undermine any human at work, in family life, in marriage and offer ideas about what can be done to promote social change in the face of such timeless pitfalls.




Firoozeh Dumas

"How Never Fitting in Became Fitting in Everywhere"

8:45-9:45AM Wednesday, February 5th

In her hilarious keynote, Firoozeh Dumas will share her improbable journey from Abadan, Iran to the bestseller lists of the NYTimes. Not only does Firoozeh believe that our commonalities far outweigh our differences but she also believes that our stories connect us. Hearing her story will make you want to share yours, and hear everyone else's. 

Her book, Funny in Farsihas developed a cult following among educators, selling almost half a million copies. It is part of the curriculum in many junior highs, high schools and colleges around the country where it is often the only humorous and most popular book on reading lists. Even though students are initially hooked in by the humor, educators have found that Firoozeh’s books are a gateway to many conversations, including shared humanity, immigration, language, family and identity. A free study guide is available on her website.




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Andrew Derry

"If You Had the Opportunity to Design a Completely Impact Drive, Learning-Focused School, What Would You Do?" - Andrew Derry

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