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March 28, 2019

We Asked, You Answered... (did you ever!)

The AAIE 2019 Conference CONVERSATION Survey Results


Once again, we asked for your help and you responded.  We wanted your ideas on how we can improve our support of your leadership learning opportunities, and in this case,  how next year's AAIE CONVERSATION can be improved. 


Your feedback was constructive and to the point.  In some cases, as blunt as a butter knife.  Perfect.  We want to keep getting better.  Here is what we learned from you…


CLICK HERE for survey results Executive Summary

CLICK HERE for the full SurveyMonkey survey results




AAIE Conference CONVERSATION Goals for Improvement:  New York City February 2-5, 2020


It's one thing to ask your opinion about the San Francisco conference, and quite another to do something about it.  We've set improvement goals– here are a few as we look to New York City in 2020.  Send Mark your ideas for other needed goals.  


  • Pacing and Scheduling: Improve the pacing, ensure more variety and choice.
  • More In-Depth Conversations/Debate: Draw out more give-and-take conversations.
  • Formal Welcome of Newbies: More interaction in welcoming new AAIE members.
  • Schedule of Break-outs: More emphasis on "Deeper-Dive" breakout sessions.
  • Diversity on Stage: Focus more attention on overall diversity of presenters, especially young leaders and leaders of schools with important program innovation for future-ready students- more success stories.
  • Exhibitors: Create natural  and non-interruptive integration of exhibitors with participants.
  • And Finally...: Never, never, ever serve the Chinese New Year Dessert ever again.    :>)


What's NEW with the NEW AAIE Website?


  • AAIE NET: Our Global NETworks are now hosted on Google Groups. Join the discussion.  Click HeadNET, PrincipalNET, or CounselorNET
  • Leadership Library: Browse our brand-new Leadership Library for book recommendations which will be frequently updated.  Send any recommendations to
  • Daily Leadership QuoteA daily dose of inspiration that we archive each day.
  • 5 Ideas for the Future: Each week we update research and success stories about the future of teaching and learning. 
  • Daily News Snippets:  Coming soon, 15 seconds of news to keep you in the world picture


The AAIE Leadership Challenges WORKINARS Begin April 17, 2019 


Last year, you identified your top "Leadership Challenges." Now it's time to get to work!


Starting in April 2019, Will Richardson and his team at Modern Learners will host a series of eight "workinars," a combination live webinar and workshop using Zoom Meeting Rooms to do a deep dive into each of the challenges and how to deal with them. These sessions will be highly interactive and collaborative, and will focus on practical steps for moving your work forward.


"Workinars" depend on you! We need your voice and participation to make it a powerful learning opportunity. The more people participate, the deeper the learning.


CLICK HERE to sign-up and you'll hear from Will Richardson with further details.  Give this thing a test drive. 



Write Your School's Success Story for InterED-

The AAIE Journal for International Education


Please send on an article or action research paper to InterED ( ) by April 25, 2019 for our spring edition.  Your writing of between 1000-1500 words can be a research summary, interview, editorial or essay that captures learning success within your school.  The best reading comes from you because you're in the thick of it within the daily life of your school.   





Jeff Paulsen- President

Oli Tooher-Hancock- President-elect

Robin Heslip

Barry Dequanne

Gregory Hedger

Madeleine Maceda Heide 

Ron Marino

Fran Prolman

Beverly Shaklee

Kathy Stetson

Kevin Glass- Past- President 


The Missed Essential of Student Achievement "Ensuring Student Safety, Purpose, Motivation and Happiness"

Featuring: Rosalind Wiseman–Founder, Cultures of Dignity

                       Charlie Kuhn–Co-Founder, Cultures of Dignity

                       Laurie Tasharski– International Centre for Missing                                                                and Exploited Children


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