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March 5, 2019

Today!  Lighting Up the New AAIE Website 


All New Continuous Leadership Learning Territory to Discover


AAIE will ensure the daily care and feeding of our new website. New content each day will be added including new ideas for the future to wonder about with colleagues.  


We want your leadership learning (ours too!) to continue and for your new AAIE site to challenge you, your thinking and ways of doing. We mean to provoke and to keep your perspectives whip-smart and informed about international school leadership.


Keeping your leadership learning going drives the architecture of our new site.  New features are listed to the right.  Our critical partnerships and friendships are the most visible– from "Workinars",  to the head of school and board trustee "Leading-Up" initiative, and also an asynchronous learning platform to stay alert about the nine-leadership challenges.   Also upfront is our leadership coaching and mentorship program– with AISH and AAIE arm-in-arm as partners.


In essence, you helped design the new AAIE website.  The pull-down menu at the very top of the homepage is designed to use research and current practice around the nine international school leadership challenges.  Here we bring forward recent HEADTalks from the San Francisco CONVERSATION, the Powerpoint presentations shared by our speakers and we've added in most recent research and relevant contemporary articles from media.  


Please take a test-drive of your new AAIE website.  Promise that you'll find a bit of blue sky in your schedule and navigate through the leadership learning options.  Pull things down, punch every button and have a good read, watch, listen or all of the above.  Then of course, tell us what you think.  


And speaking of partnerships– the good people at Finalsite have been with us every step of the way, from concept to design to helping us translate learning ideas into finding a proper digital home for content.   And special thanks to AAIE's Chris Nini, our very own digital magician.  


Barry DeQuanne teaching at the San Francisco AAIE CONVERSATION



New Features of the AAIE Leadership Learning Website:


  • An updated, sleeker style and design thanks to Finalsite...
  • A site that is leadership learning focused...
  • The Nine Leadership Challenges guide the pull-down menu...
  • Each day we'll post a quotable quote and new ideas for leading and learning into the future.  
  • AAIE's four critical partnerships to keep your learning going are out front for quick access... 
  • Special section on international school leadership success stories...
  • A primary focus on the contributions of our people...
  • More prominent space for our AAIE journal, InterED...
  • A space that shines a light on the latest goings on in the regional associations that support AAIE...

Sharing ideas at the head of school            transitions seminar

You Help Guide the Content and Our Shared Online CONVERSATION                   


The new AAIE website is for you.  We will post your blog, just let us know.  Tell us your leadership success stories and provide the equivalent of a five-paragraph essay with pictures– we'll post in a special section on the homepage. You've just finished a book or professional journal article? Tell us about it and we'll post-it and then we'll let everyone know in the name of continuous improvement.  We must help each other keep the conversation going. Email to    

The AAIE Board of Trustees


Jeff Paulson, President

Oli Tooher-Hancock, President-Elect

Ron Marino, Treasurer

Barry DeQuanne

Greg Hedger

Robin Heslip

Fran Prolman

Beverly Shaklee- consultant to the board for InterED

Kathy Stetson

Madeleine Maceda Heide

Kevin Glass, Past-President


Rose Puffer at the Superintendent of the Year dinner and dance

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