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March 4, 2019


Dr. Richard Krajczar

An AAIE Tribute to Dr. Richard Krajczar

by Jeff Paulson and Mark E. Ulfers


Allow us to share about the magic of the Dr. K. experience. 


It has been said that, "The most important things in life cannot be told". It is difficult to talk about that which lies beyond the reach of words. Yet today we must place faith in sharing a few thoughts to adequately represent the world community of leaders and teachers that Dick (and Sherry too!) built and nurtured.  For myriad reasons, so many of us gathered around Dr. K. because we found an immediate confidante and friend whose life we now celebrate. 


On some level, we do our best things when we are a little off-balance, when challenged and in a bit of discomfort–physical or otherwise– and it is here you work from mystery, from wonder and from not knowing how it will all end.  This is the place of true learning and maybe a good description of a Dr. K. experience.  If it was a military coup in Myanmar, an earthquake in Taipei, celebrating contribution and a retirement in Hong Kong, or a challenging community issue in any number of international schools, Dick's email or phone call was always the first received. His was a call of hope and support.  READ MORE 

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DJ Condon- HEADTalk   

" Never Let Your International Schooling Get in the Way of Your International Education"


Dr. Oli Tooher-Hancock sporting the much sought after AAIE baseball cap

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Monique Flickinger

Greg MacGilpin

Martin Thomas

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The InterED Comprehension Challenge


Our AAIE phones have been ringing off the wall with members curious about the winners of the InterED reading challenge. Originally we were giving an AAIE baseball cap and a $50 Amazon gift card to the first two respondents with the right answers...well, we had four winning emails within two minutes of each other, so four winners it is. Congratulations to Monique, Greg, Martin and Jon (with honorable mention to Jeff Paulson– he was one-minute late)

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Rosalind Wiseman- Un-Keynote Address  "What Schools Must Do to Thrive:  Embracing the Complexities of Adolescence"


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