Reflections on the Passing of

Dr. Richard Krajczar–

from Jeff Paulson, AAIE President




Dear AAIE Community Members,


Words cannot describe my emotions when I heard the news about Dr. Richard Krajczar's death this morning at 1:00 am Zurich time.


I cannot imagine what life must be like for Dick's family, but I want them to know the AAIE family– to which he has been unflinching in his love and support–has them in our thoughts and prayers.


Oh my, what an important figure and friend Dick was to me– all of us– and the inspiration he has provided so many of us across our professional careers.  


Even today, when I drove to work, tired and sad, there was a beautiful sunrise over the mountains. I realized then Dick would not want me to be sad, but to focus my energy on mentoring and helping others. Even so, I remembered when I met the Krajczar family for the first time in Kuala Lumpur, and Sherry sent me upstairs with the teenagers–even though I was a new teacher to the school. :-)


I also thought of having morning breakfasts with Sherry and Dick at the AAIE Conversation just two weeks ago. I am so thankful for our time together.


When I finished my HeadTalk at the conference, the first eyes I searched for to seek meaningful approval were Dick's. He gave me a smile and a thumbs up which meant everything. Shoot, I'm 55 years old, and still his words of approval meant the world to me.


Many of you know Dick as the Executive Director for the past 30 years of the EARCOS region. Dick also served as Head of School in Jordan, Syria, and Malaysia. And also took a turn as the AAIE executive director.  


Our family's  history with Dick goes back to when he hired my wife  and me for our first international school posting at the International School of Kuala Lumpur in 1992. Since then, we have grown as friends and I have often reached out to Dick when I needed to hear confident words of wisdom and advice. Obviously, without having had this man in our lives, our family would look at a lot different, as would my professional career. I found Dick to be a constant source of inspiration, pride, and support. I am grateful he was in our lives as rarely do you meet an individual with the authenticity and character of DK.


Dick was an amazing people person. His influence and contribution (and legacy) to the world of international education over the last 55 years has been significant and profound.  All of us at AAIE and around the world send our condolences and heartbreak to Dick's family.  Oh goodness, how can it be that Dick has left us?  We'll be there to support Sherry and children, Morgan and Josh.


We will keep you all informed about how we can participate in celebrating the life of Dr. RIchard Krajczar.   


Best Wishes to All,




Jeff Paulson, President

The Association for the Advancement of International Education

Head of Schoo, Zurich International School

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