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The Post- AAIE San Francisco CONVERSATION Survey


It Was But One Week Ago, Now We Need Your Opinions and Ideas...


We were close to 450 participants strong for our San Francisco AAIE Leadership CONVERSATION.  You arrived to the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero from all points of the globe and of course we hope you carried away new ideas and at least a few kernels of truth about our leadership profession. 


While the experience together is still fresh in your mind and heart, please take 6-8 minutes to offer feedback that can help us continually improve our service for you. 



for the AAIE San Francisco 2019 SURVEY


If you think a question is missing or if you have ideas beyond the survey, please contact me at and we can begin a dialog as we begin planning for next year's New York City CONVERSATION.  


Listen, more is coming your way about access to San Francisco presentations and how we wish to support your leadership development beyond the what was started this past week.  Stay-tuned, and again we'll do our best to keep these missives fewer in number, short and sweet.  


And, well...Happy Valentine's Day to all.  


All Good Wishes and on Behalf of our AAIE Trustees,




PS:  While you are thinking about it, click the survey link above and share your thoughts as we plan for the coming year.  


Where Credit is Due

So many of our colleagues stepped up to share ideas and to invest in the prototyping of new concepts for how this year's AAIE conference unfolded.  Thank you all.


...and we offer a shout-out to Kevin Bartlett who originally suggested the idea of an AAIE "Conversation", an idea that we hope is catching on. 


Our major sponsors, International Schools Services, Finalsite, PLS 3rd Learning and The Office of Overseas Schools provided new programming and community-building opportunities.  


...and finally, thank you all for  joining in and creating a warm and positive sense of community where hopefully everyone knew they belonged.   

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