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Dear All,


Listen, we hope you've heard the whispering associated with the New Year– "It will be better and happier."  We think it so.


And if there is a resolution to make, it is this...


  • CLICK HERE to register for the International Leadership Learning Conference CONVERSATION 
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  • CLICK HERE for the LEADERSHIP LEARNING SCHEDULE (February 3-6, 2018) review the four days of leadership learning. Meet the people and our presenters who are also your colleagues.   

So many of you were crystal clear with us– you wanted this year's AAIE gathering to use your leadership learning time wisely. To give most of the time to your learning.  We've worked hard to deliver. We're tapping the talent of leaders from within and thought leaders from without. Every speaker knows our work and has ideas on how to find solutions to our leadership challenges. Now we sincerely need you to join the CONVERSATION*.   


Yes, we've heard the whispers of a New Year– and the wish for each other is that we bring new eyes, new insights and new soul to our life and learning with young people.  The whispers are true– together, it will be better and happier.  


All Good Wishes for New Year 2019 (and think February 3-6) and on Behalf of our Board of Trustees,




Mark E. Ulfers, AAIE Executive Director



* If you have any challenge registering for the conference, let us know– we'll fix it to ensure you are part of the CONVERSATION. 

Registration for AAIE 2019 PreConferences is now open.


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