AAIE’s InterED publication, its annual conference program, and its website connects trusted service providers with thousands of international school leaders from around the globe.

We know these leaders: they are our members. They are also your most valuable market because they have the purchasing authority to make decisions about school resources, services, and professional learning programs. By advertising with AAIE you can communicate directly with school directors and reach others on their leadership team such as principals, purchasing managers, curriculum directors and department chairs at a reasonable cost.

Please review the diverse advertisement options in this section of the website and if you need more information, please contact advertise@aaie.org for assistance in helping get information about your international products and services out to our members today!

Annual Conference

Check out this year's Conference Pages for Advertising Information, or contact advertise@aaie.org to discuss how best to actively engage with attendees with your products and services at the 53rd Conference!

Calendar Page Ad Details:

  • Great for promoting upcoming events or special order sales at a specific time of year
  • Runs from 1st of month to last day of month for each order
  • Ad is placed in a normal rotation with a maximum of 3 ads per month
  • Links directly to your website or specific landing page