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Results from the 3rd AAIE Workinar
Results from the 3rd AAIE Workinar

The 3rd installment of the AAIE Workinar series focused on strategic thinking and inclusion.

We talked at length about what you need to be planning for at a moment when everything is in "perpetual beta," and we discussed the importance of having a modern mission and vision based on your beliefs about learning as your "Northstar" as you look forward.

For those of you who may have missed it, the good news is that the recording of the session as well as the slides and a lengthy list of resources are now up for your review in the AAIE Group in the Modern Learners Community. Here, you can continue the conversation about strategic planning and the other topics we'll be discussing in upcoming workinars.

Members of MLC not only gives you have access to the AAIE Group, you'll also be able to engage with over 1,200 other educators from around the world in the larger community space.

Learn more about MLC and the upcoming Workinars HERE.

-Written by Will Richardson, AAIE/Modern Learners Workinar facilitator.