Our Mission

A global community that connects diverse people, ideas and resources, AAIE helps international educators lead with vision, wisdom, courage and integrity.


The AAIE Mission is our declaration of the unique identity to which we aspire–describing whom we serve, our specific purpose and what we seek to achieve for our membership.

Our mission describes the extraordinary purpose of AAIE– and it serves as our target toward which we concentrate disciplined action, effort, resources and energy.

Your AAIE is a place to gather each year as a world community– to belong and to literally learn together and to know that to engage in the crystal ball activity of envisioning the future of learning is to not fail our students. And to not miss new opportunities for the communities we serve.

No question, the future of our schools depends on vision, wisdom, courage and integrity. Leadership that is born out of our being restless, knowing our schools can always improve.

Let’s do this searching and learning together.