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Mark Ulfers is the Executive Director of AAIE. An overseas educator since1987, Mark recently completed 31 years overseas, with postings that included the Singapore American  School, Cyprus International School, Taipei American School, Frankfurt International School and, most recently, the headship at the American School of Paris. 

By his own admission, Mark is a student at heart, and knows that as an educator and leader he is   still trying to make sense of it all. Like all of us– he cares deeply for the AAIE spirit of community and sees a continued bright future because there is such strength in tapping the expertise, diversity and drive of our membership.

He observes, “Could it be time to create an atmosphere around the AAIE brand where we surely recognize the traditional social/emotional architecture since 1967– our need as an international community to be in this thing together–yet to also construct an unambiguous purpose as the place where insight and drive bring out the futurist in us all? We can be the place, each year, where with absolute certainty, international school leaders arrive, never wishing to miss a season, because it is AAIE that challenges the status quo and promotes introspection about new possibilities for our schools. To be the reliable and tantalizing window on tomorrow for teaching and learning.”

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