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Video: Never Let Your International Schooling Get in the Way of Your International Education

DJ Condon - Le Jardin Academy

After 21 years working in international schools in five different countries, in 2015 I returned to my home country, the United States, to serve as head of school of Le Jardin Academy, a private, independent IB World School in Hawaii. In this presentation, I will share how my experience in Hawaii has compared to that of traditional international schools and has led to insights about the nature of international schools, other sites claiming to offer an international education, and the impact of globalization on international education.

About DJ: DJ Condon is the Head of School at Le Jardin Academy in Hawaii. He has previously served as Canadian Academy's (Kobe, Japan) Head Master and Hong Kong International School's Head of School.


Re-Imagining Leadership for Global Education: From Scarcity and Privilege to Abundance and Inclusion

Homa Tavangar - Growing Up Global

Just as globalization has taken a negative connotation of unequal spoils for the elite, global education often gets reduced to a statistic of test scores – and with it, the anxiety for limited spots at elite universities, limited jobs, and a doubling down on tradition. Based on the profound failures of this limited (and limiting) worldview, a new model of leadership is needed: one that transforms such scarce, static, fear-based thinking into a vision and practice that is at once abundant, inclusive and responsive to change.


About Homa: Homa Sabet Tavangar is the author of widely-acclaimed Growing Up Global: Raising Children to Be At Home in the World (Random House, 2009), lead author of The Global Education Toolkit for Elementary Learners(Sage/Corwin, 2014), contributor to Mastering Global Literacy, Heidi Hayes-Jacobs, ed. (Solution Tree, Nov. 2013) and the 3-book Take-Action Guide to World-Class Learners (Corwin, 2016) series with Professor Yong Zhao on educating creative, entrepreneurial “World Class Learners.”