Leading for Diversity

Photos courtesy of Sharon Lawler-Sudell, ISS

Download this important power point presentation from the Diversity Collaborative which was presented at this February's 2020 AAIE CONVERSATION in NYC.



Download Richard Gaskell's (ISC Research) HEADTalk presentation from the NYC 2020 AAIE CONVERSATION.


2019 Diversity Collaborative Survey Results

Survey results from the inaugural Diversity Collaborative Survey (DCS) have been released, creating one of the first baselines of information on international school leadership and diversity.

The research study was initiated in spring 2019 by the Diversity Collaborative, which partnered with ISC Research and the Center for International Education at George Mason University to design and administer the survey and analyze the responses. The survey was sent to 2,676 accredited international schools around the world.

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Toward Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: One School's Journey

By Shelley Paul, Jacinta Williams and Kevin Glass

Striving to provide an equitable, culturally global environment for its school community, one school realizes what it holds as true may not be aligned with the larger community.

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Moving Beyond Conversation to Meaningful Action: Fostering Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in International School Leadership

Jennifer Beckwith - American United School of Kuwait

Most boards and schools leaders say that they value diversity, but what does it look like for a school leadership team to be not just diverse, but also inclusive and equitable. According to Michael Magee," Diversifying education leadership and retaining those leaders will not happen on the wings of our good intentions." What are a few steps we can all take to create more equity in international school leadership?

About Jennifer: Jennifer Beckwith is the Founding Director of the American United School of Kuwait. She has a wealth of experience in international education, supervising 18 schools in Italy, 26 in Turkey, Bahrain, Spain and Portugal, and numerous principal positions throughout her career.

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About the Diversity Collaborative

The Diversity Collaborative was first established in 2017, with 17 founding members. Today, the Diversity Collaborative has more than 600 members and is growing.

Our Mission

The Diversity Collaborative (DC) is committed to creating and sustaining a more diverse, inclusive, equitable, and just international school community through our focus on leadership.

Our Vision

We recognize that diversity without equity, inclusion, and justice is insufficient and can perpetuate ongoing harm. Therefore, we strive not only to recognize and redistribute power, but also to eradicate the systems and structures in place that cause and have caused injustice, inequity and exclusion. We aspire to see the leadership of international schools reflect the global majority.

Our Commitments

To realize our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice, the Diversity Collaborative wholeheartedly challenges all leaders, international schools and associated organizations to address the absence of diverse leadership in formal leadership positions. Concurrently, we acknowledge that anyone in a school can demonstrate leadership by serving as an agent of change. The Diversity Collaborative (DC) conducts research on the leadership pipeline and recruitment practices, provides leadership development, and advocates for international school communities to (1) critically reflect on diversity or the lack thereof, (2) develop equity-minded stakeholders, (3) promote inclusive environments, and (4) serve as social justice activists.



Video: Stories that Move: The Power of Voice

Karen Polak and Michael McGlade - Stories that Move

The Stories that Move's blended learning program was developed with partners in seven countries and is available online in seven languages. Stories that Move provides a ready-made approach to address key present and future challenges schools face. The five learning paths offer a choice of lessons dealing with identity and diversity, discrimination in everyday situations, learning from the past, bias in the media and taking-action. At the core of the program are the voices of young people sharing their experiences and ideas about discrimination. Part of the story is how the program is being used by early adopters and the enthusiasm of the young people who demonstrate the student agency that Stories that Move has inspired. 

About Karen: Karen Polak is the Coordinator for the International Project Team at Stories that Move. She is also an historian and pedagogue at the Anne Frank House in the Netherlands.

About Michael: In addition to being a Technical Design Consultant for Stories that Move, Michael McGlade is the Director of Education Technology at the International School of Amsterdam.