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Internship Opportunities

Are you ready to work with the world?

AAIE interns can look forward to building their individual skill set, event planning and promotion, team collaboration, writing and editing publication, website construction, media outreach, customer service, networking with neighboring organizations, and more.

Resource & Research

Daily Activities

  • Sorting and filling documentation
  • Collecting information for upcoming event planing
  • Working closely with E.D to gather any needed documentation from previous years

Web Design & Layout

Daily Activities

  • Constructing and editing logos and branding for upcoming events
  • Constructing banners and editing photos for website and newsletter publication
  • Collaborating with the Communications and Marketing Interns to create graphic promotion for AAIE and partnering organizations

Communications & Outreach

Daily Activities

  • Conducting interviews with AAIE members and partnering leaders around the world
  • Writing and/OR proof writing all written content for the website and the monthly Newsletter
  • Reaching out to AAIE members and sponsors to maintain relationships
  • Overseeing the construction and content of the Newsletter
  • Planning initiatives to maintain AAIE's social presence amongst current and future partners

Information Technology & Social Promotion

Daily Activities

  • In charge of AAIE social media interaction and presence
  • Collaborates with partnering organizations for social media collaborations and promotion
  • Stays involved with global leadership social involvement and/OR change
  • Avidly keeps AAIE up to date with technological innovations
  • Collaborates with Social Media Professional to produce social media column for AAIE monthly newsletter.

Marketing & Development

Daily Activities

  • Important Data Entry
  • Preparing Marketing Materials for upcoming events
  • Help maintaining the currency of the AAIE Website
  • Building project databases
  • Working closely with the Communications and Information Technology to build initiatives that will promote AAIE globally

Event Support

Daily Activities

  • Help support and facilitate AAIE events

How to Apply

Email application yolanda@aaie.org for all application inquires

3301 College Ave
Mailman-Hollywood Building #314
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314 USA

Office: (954) 262-6936

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