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AAIE Regional Organization Partners

AAIE works with regional associations around the globe. These organizations serve overseas schools located in specific geographic areas of the world. Together with the Office of Overseas Schools, they have created a network of information, service, and support for American-sponsored overseas schools, faculty, students, parents, and community.


American International Schools in the Americas (AMISA)

AMISA formed in 1961 and was formally founded in the U.S. in 1977 as a non-profit 501(C) 3 association: to discover and develop ways and means for improving understanding through international education; to improve upon the quality of teaching and learning in Association schools; to facilitate communication and cooperative action between and among all Association schools; and to facilitate cooperative action with national, state, local or non-governmental agencies in the field of international education.

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Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA)

Over the past five decades, our international schools across Africa have experienced environments of immense, sometimes unprecedented change. Faced with these challenges, AISA’s support has been unwavering. Our presentation of world-class professional learning opportunities and advisory services to our members is ongoing, offerings that are based on continuous research into the specific needs of international schools on the continent.

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Central and Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA)

The Central & Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA) was founded as a result of the growth of American and International Schools in Central and Eastern Europe. In many cases, the schools were geographically isolated from each other and from the mainstream of American and International Education. CEESA was formed to broaden the horizons of schools and to promote professional growth.

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East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS)

The East Asia Regional Council of Schools is an organization of 200 member schools in East Asia. These schools have a total of more than 168,100 pre-K to 12th grade students. EARCOS also has 144 associate members and 23 individual members. Membership in EARCOS is open to elementary and secondary schools in East Asia that offer an educational program using English as the primary language of instruction, and to other organizations, institutions, and individuals interested in the objectives and purposes of the Council.

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Educational Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS)

Founded in 1965, ECIS (the Educational Collaborative for International Schools) is a non-profit global membership organisation. ECIS exists as a professional life-force for members, a vibrant network of thoughtful doers and change-makers. Our membership represents 500 membership communities and 65,000+ passionate educators and leaders in over 80 countries on six continents.

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Mediterranean Association of International Schools (MAIS)

The Mediterranean Association of International Schools is a professional organization that strives to improve the quality of education in its Member schools. It promotes the professional development of Faculty, Administrators, and Board Members, promoting communication and interchange and creating international understanding. MAIS serves as a liaison between its 38 Member Schools,30 Associate Member organizations as well as other regional, professional, and in-service organizations.

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Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools (NESA)

NESA is a community of schools and organizations that has served educators, students and their families from Cairo in the west to Kathmandu in the east for over 50 years. NESA is dedicated to educator professional growth to improve student learning. We deliver on this mission via intertwined systems of care and quality programming, focusing not only on ideas and knowledge, but also on nurturing and relationships that allow for transformational learning and system impact - all in service of improved student learning.

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The Tri-Association

The Association of American Schools Of Central America, Colombia - Caribbean and Mexico

The Tri-Association is a non-profit organization, comprised of private, accredited, independent schools, offering an American-style education, and residing in three geographic regions (Central America, Mexico, Colombia, Caribbean).




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