Strategic Plan

AAIE Objectives

AAIE commits to facilitating this connection by:

  • Hosting an annual conference that honors the networking heritage of the organization while also presenting educators with newer, more innovative educational practices designed to enable them to solve problems and lead with confidence.
  • Creating and maintaining a dynamic, interactive digital venue that promotes the exchange of ideas and resources pertinent to international education.


  • No new program will be instituted, nor will any existing program be continued, unless consistent with the AAIE mission statement.
  • Board members share responsibility, with the Executive Director and staff, for the association’s success.
  • The Executive Director and all committee chairpersons, reporting through the Executive Director, will be responsible for informing the Board of progress in each aspect of the organization’s activities.
  • AAIE will only provide programs and services of the highest quality, using consistent evaluative feedback from participants to ensure the effectiveness of those programs and services.
  • AAIE will balance the need for innovation and change with respect for its traditions.


AAIE will develop innovative, high-quality programs with an emphasis on leadership development.

  • Offer on-line courses and seminars on specific school leadership topics
  • Expand AAIE’s Institute for International School Leadership’s mentoring program for current and aspiring international school heads
  • Extend professional development opportunities for mid-level administrators: human resource directors, admissions directors, curriculum directors, counselors, business managers, development officers, etc.
  • Conduct “summits” on critical issues with eye toward development of both cadre of current leaders and toward building capacity in next generation of leaders

AAIE will use technology strategically to enhance communication, professional development, and networking among diverse groups.

  • Establish social networking platform to allow for real-time communication for a variety of educational groups via creation of on-line communities
  • Create a website with a comprehensive searchable knowledge base of up-to-date information on international education
  • Provide access to educational research databases
  • Design and provide access to online professional development opportunities

AAIE will identify and develop critical partnerships to achieve its mission, vision, and objectives.

  • Actively maintain and enhance partnerships with institutions/organizations that align with AAIE’s mission and objectives
  • Develop new partnerships with organizations that focus on educational issues particularly salient in international and/or independent schools, e.g. curriculum design, language learning and acquisition, teacher recruitment, technology, and on-going facility renovation.
  • Provide forums of discussion that focus on the resolution of identified common issues.

AAIE will develop and implement a focused and comprehensive marketing plan to increase membership, attract a new generation of international school leaders, and expand active participation in its programs.

  • Design a marketing campaign with a focus not only on international schools, but also public/private schools, universities, and international host country institutions seeking to build global ties
  • Create partnerships in collaboration with other international associations that align with AAIE ‘s mission and objectives