AAIE Awards


Recognizing Our AAIE Community

AAIE awards are given out annually during our annual Global Leadership Conversation. These awards seek to recognize and acknowledge member achievements in exemplary leadership, innovation, longevity of membership in the organization, and those who have made significant contributions over time to international education and furthered the goals and mission of AAIE. 



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AAIE is well known for honoring the Superintendent of the Year at our annual in person conferences.  We recognize and acknowledge the outstanding work that has been accomplished and each year, we selected a single, exemplary leader to receive this award.  It is part of the fabric of AAIE to celebrate those in our community who have gone above and beyond in their capacity as a superintendent. 

This year, we will celebrate all school directors. all superintendents. and all heads of school. The past three years have proven to be incredibly challenging – and when faced with these challenges, we must recognize that all leaders of schools have gone above and beyond.

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International Innovative Leadership Award


Dr. Keith Miller International Innovative Leadership Award

This award is open to any international superintendent, principal, board member/owner, or school leader from an AAIE member organization.

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Award 25 year


25-Year Award

The 25 Year Award is a longevity award presented to active AAIE members who have belonged to the AAIE for 25 years.

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AAIE Hall of Fame


AAIE Hall of Fame Award

The AAIE Hall of Fame recognition is awarded to an individual who has made significant contributions over a period of ten (10) or more years to international education and who has furthered the goals and mission of AAIE.

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