Introducing the New ED

Dear AAIE Community,

On behalf of our worldwide AAIE community, the board of trustees is pleased to announce that Mark E. Ulfers, current head of school of the American School of Paris will become AAIE’s next executive director, beginning 1 August 2018.

An overseas educator since 1987, Mark is completing 31 years overseas, with postings that include the Singapore American School, Cyprus International School, Taipei American School, Frankfurt International School and his current headship at the American School of Paris. Mark also commits time to building community elsewhere, having served on the board of trustees of EARCOS, the Jane Goodall Foundation in Asia and as a founding board member of the Academy of International School Heads. And appropriate to this announcement, Mark also served on the board and as president of the Association for the Advancement of International Education in years past. Mark also helped create the Kalahari Education Experience Trust with a mission to teach and support matriculation of Kalahari Desert youth in South Africa.

By his own admission, Mark is a student at heart, and knows that as an educator and leader he is still trying to make sense of it all. Like all of us– he cares deeply for the AAIE spirit of community and sees a continued bright future because there is such strength in tapping the expertise, diversity and drive of our membership.

As part of his interview, Mark observed, “Could it be time to create an atmosphere around the AAIE brand where we surely recognize the traditional social/emotional architecture since 1967– our need as an international community to be in this thing together–yet to also construct an unambiguous purpose as the place where insight and drive bring out the futurist in us all? We can be the place, each year, where with absolute certainty, international school leaders arrive, never wishing to miss a season, because it is AAIE that challenges the status quo and promotes introspection about new possibilities for our schools. To be the reliable and tantalizing window on tomorrow for teaching and learning”

Mark is 41-years married to Wendy, and their children, Adam and Lara, are products of international education, drawing on a world of experiences from being raised overseas.

With thanks to the Executive Director Search Committee, my fellow trustees and our current Executive Director, Yolanda Murphy-Barrena– please join me in welcoming Mark to the leadership of AAIE and then also committing our ideas and expertise in the days ahead.

I hope to see all of you at our 52nd AAIE International Leadership Conference in New York City in a few weeks where you will be able to thank Yolanda and welcome Mark in person.

Best regards,

Kevin Glass

AAIE President