Advisory Council

The AAIE Advisory Council is an important group of international school leaders serve our leadership community by providing ideas, feedback and support for AAIE. They include the Executive Directors of all Regional International Associations, the former AAIE Board President and leading superintendents and heads of school from around the world. The Council meets every year at the Annual AAIE Conference and provides support and guidance throughout the year on key issues that support our mission as a leadership development membership organization in the international school community.

Barrie Jo Price: Retired Board Member, USA

Beth Kempler Pfannl: ISS, Italy

Charlotte Seewald: University of Nebraska, USA

Clark Kirkpatrick: Retired Board Member, USA

Craig Johnson: American School of Bombay, India

Maddy Hewitt: NESA, Greece

Dick Krajczar: EARCOS, Malaysia

Ed Greene: International School of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ettie Zilber: International School of Arizona, USA

Frank Anderson: Retired Board Member, USA

Gerald Selitzer: Association of American Schools in Mexico , Mexico

Jennifer Beckwith: American United School of Kuwait, Kuwait

Joe Shapiro: San Diego State University, USA

John Roberts: Retired School Head / Kinshasa, Kenya

Kathy Stetson: CEESA, Croatia

Kevin Ruth: ECIS, United Kingdom

Larry Hobdell: US Regional Education Officer/ Southeast Asia Region, USA

Linda Duevel: Past AAIE President/ Retired School Head/ Stavanger, Norway

Madeleine Maceda Heide: Academia Cotopaxi American International School, Ecuador

Peter Bateman: Executive Director, Kenya

Reina O'Hale: MAIS, Spain

Robert Bartoletti: The College of NewJersey, USA

Sonia Keller: Tri-Association, USA

Teresa Dupre: Rush City Independent School District, USA

Warren Jaferian: Endicott College, USA