Remembering Ernie Mannino

It is with great sadness that we inform you that on 23 August 2017, Dr. Ernie Mannino, the founder and father of AAIE, passed away. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and the many colleagues and friends that he inspired, mentored and worked to support over the years at AAIE, the Office of Overseas Schools and ISS.

Ernie was truly a giant in the world of international education who lived an exceptionally accomplished and long life of service as an educator and leader. He was a true visionary and a fearless crusader for ensuring a high quality international education was available around the world. Ernie leaves a historic legacy that lives on in the many organizations he helped found. His efforts to ensure a great school for every foreign service officer's child, proliferation of excellence and sharing between American and International educational leaders and a place to call home for the many overseas leaders, who after more than 50 years, continue to gather annually at AAIE are testaments to his exceptional drive and leadership.

There will be many opportunities to recognize and celebrate Ernie's lifelong impact on international education and the difference he made to his many colleagues and friends at AAIE, the Office of Overseas Schools and ISS. More information will be shared out in the coming days regarding how best to share your condolences with the family, honor his legacy, engage in sharing stories and pay tribute in your own unique way to the life and legacy of Dr. Ernie Mannino.

With peace to all who knew and loved him,


Yolanda Murphy-Barrena
Former Executive Director

Below are just some of the highlights, stories and accomplishments of Ernie's life and work. We will add to this as the year goes on to ensure his life commitment to international education is well remembered and an inspiration to us all to continue to build upon his work.

AAIE is proud to award each year the Dr. Ernie Mannino Superintendent of the Year Award and the Dr. Ernie Mannino Graduate Student Scholarship in memory and tribute to the founder of AAIE. Both of these awards highlight outstanding leadership, the pursuit of growth and excellence and the evidence of achieving notable positive impact within our international educational community.