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Who we are

The International Graduate Program for Educators (IGPE) is offered through the State University of New York Buffalo State campus, located in Buffalo, New York, USA. The State University of New York (SUNY) is the largest, most diverse, and most recognized multi-campus university in the United States. SUNY Buffalo State is the largest college in the 64-campus SUNY system. IGPE is part of the School of Education and connects with the Graduate School at SUNY Buffalo State to develop a unique experience for educators working at American/International schools around the world.

IGPE coordinates on-site, accredited, high-quality graduate coursework and professional development for teachers and administrators in international schools. IGPE coursework and workshops intend to make positive contributions to teaching and learning processes, and in doing so, make the world a better place through education.

What we do

This innovative program is made possible through a collaborative partnership that includes (1) the SUNY Buffalo State IGPE Office, (2) international school partners around the world, which host IGPE programs and staff on-site, and (3) international teachers and administrators who participate in the courses and programs brought directly to their schools and communities.

The SUNY Buffalo State IGPE team is made up of international education expert administrators and instructors who foster global collaboration, invite divergent perspectives, and celebrate diversity inside and outside the classroom. All program logistics are arranged through the IGPE Office including the program director, admissions/advisement coordinator, and registration/graduation coordinator.

International/American host schools collaborate with the IGPE office to develop programs and professional development workshops and opportunities at the host school. The master degree program is provided by university faculty and hosted by American/International schools for cohorts of education professionals. The entire program requires ten courses that can be delivered at the school site, electronically, or through a combined approach of on-site/on-line instruction. Appropriate staff (e.g. School Head, Curriculum Coordinator, Teachers) from the host school collaborate with IGPE staff to select courses that will be offered for the degree program. This collaborative approach facilitates the design of a program that aligns with the school’s professional development initiatives and the faculty’s specific needs, spanning grade levels and curricula, to provide for the diverse needs of overseas educators. IGPE facilitates graduate coursework for international educators at an incredibly affordable group rate.

International teachers and administrators at the host schools complete coursework on-site to earn a master's degree from SUNY Buffalo State. Participants are accepted into the SUNY Buffalo State Graduate School and complete 30 credit hours to earn a Master of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies. The Master of Science degree in Multidisciplinary Studies is designed for individuals with unique professional and educational objectives not readily met by traditional master’s degree programs. The program is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and approved by the State University of New York system. Aside from our traditional master’s degree, we have also developed several micro-credentials.  These programs offer a flexible opportunity for targeted professional development without the commitment to a full degree program. We can work with your school to run one of these established micro-credentials or we can create an entirely new one that is developed specifically for your school and your teachers.  Our micro-credential programs are stackable and can be combined with a degree program.  If they are combined with a degree program, then participants can earn both without any additional courses or additional costs. 


Micro-credentials allow individuals and host schools to target a specific area of professional development within the degree such as educational leadership, technology, or special education. Micro-credentials are appealing due to their flexibility, robust course sequences, and the rich opportunities they provide for those searching for an alternative to a traditional degree program. They allow students to learn more deeply about current educational practices, topics, and perspectives and allow professionals to build their career and personal paths. Micro-credentials are 9 to 15 credit sequences that can be built into, and are stackable with, our master's degree program.

IGPE-facilitated micro-credentials verify, validate, and attest that specific skills and/or competencies have been achieved and are endorsed by SUNY Buffalo State departments and programs. Approved micro-credentials have been developed through established faculty governance processes to be meaningful in application and high quality in design and implementation.

What our students are saying

"I am currently taking a micro-credential in Creative Teaching and Learning. It's great because each class builds on the previous one so I really feel as though I am getting a thorough and detailed education about a topic that is so important to integrate into our schools, as well as design and implement lessons in the class that I can directly use immediately with my students." - Katie (grade 5 teacher - degree seeking)

"I am currently taking a Creativity micro-credential. It’s great because I have learned so many cool ways to integrate creativity into my lessons.   Whether it be fun activities through Morning Meeting /Closing Circle, or through curriculum such as Reader´s Workshop, the Creativity micro-credential has enhanced my lessons and has helped show my students the many ways that they can be creative." - Brittany (grade 4 teacher - degree seeking)

"I decided to take the micro-credential so my classes could be more engaging for my students. I think that creativity skills should be taught and used by students so they can reach their full potential. It has been really interesting to notice that we all are creative in various ways. I loved learning about strategies to develop creative thinking such as PPCO and brainstorming." - Maria (middle school teacher - non-degree seeking)

"Our school has been a long-time site for the IGPE Master's Degree. We were excited to offer this micro-credential in Creative Teaching and Learning to consolidate the learning in those courses into something we can offer to our Master's students, non-degree seeking students, and teachers in the wider community. We felt that the micro-credential really aligned to a lot of the things we want teachers to be fostering in classrooms with their students per our graduate profile, mission and vision, and we are happy to see that reflected not only in their coursework, but also their transcripts, and resumes. I am also alumni and took some of the CRS classes as part of my degree and found them extremely applicable to my classroom assignments and for leading teams so I was thrilled to offer this to our current cohort for its tangible impact." - Britta (school site coordinator)


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