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Who we are

In 1994, John Littleford founded Littleford & Associates, an international consulting firm serving independent and international schools, non-profits and corporate clients. Littleford & Associates provides “local solutions to global issues”: our consulting services and recommendations are always tailored to the client’s individual needs and culture. As a result, Littleford & Associates has 7,000 satisfied and repeat clients worldwide. Our Firm has a reputation for its responsiveness and excellence, and our Newsletter is acclaimed for its broad appeal and timely and highly relevant articles. It is mailed to over 4000 Heads of School, Executive Directors and Board Chairs four times per year. 

Littleford & Associates’ consulting expertise includes: board governance; managing leadership transitions; mentoring board members and heads; executive search; strategic planning; marketing; faculty and staff compensation and evaluation; head compensation and safe harbors compliance; fundraising and organizational audits and culture building.

Mr. Littleford is the sole Partner who consults with Clients onsite, and our Firm has been conducting all of the above services virtually as well. Mr. Littleford is a frequent presenter at national, international, regional and state associations serving schools and nonprofits. He has been regularly conducting highly informative and pertinent webinars for the membership of these associations.

What we do

Most of Littleford and Associates’ services are conducted in an onsite or virtual workshop setting. In order to customize our services and recommendations, we usually recommend preceding the workshop with interviews or focus groups with board members and/or constituents where appropriate. Mr. Littleford is adept at conducting focus group discussions that elicit relevant and helpful information in an efficient and positive manner.

Many of our clients ask us to conduct annual board governance workshops to train new board members and to reinforce healthy board governance practices. We are especially known for assisting in head of school/ leadership transition, and we have successfully mentored both new and experienced leaders. Our marketing for enrollment program easily pays for itself through increased demand and retention. Our strategic planning process is tailored to the individual client’s situation and is known to be highly efficient and productive. Littleford & Associates has one of the largest proprietary head compensation databases in the world, and we are hired only by boards on this topic.  We are also a boutique executive search firm, not a placement service, that conducts 3-5 leadership searches annually in order to give our full individualized attention to each search.

Assisting him is a support staff of 5 including Lisa Ireland, Senior Associate.


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